I'm 14 and need help quiting

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Why I want a companion - * I want a companion to officially quit this disgusting habit and also want to be better and gain more confidence. Basically stop being a pathetic loser, Thank you

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Hey @pinkpanther you can join my group, this will increase your motivation. If you need any help than you can ask me.
Here is the link of my group :point_down:t2:

There are many groups in this forum, you can join anyone.


Hey @pinkpanther tell me about your story that how you fall in this habit or addiction

When I was like 7 I started but I didn’t know what I was doing. Until like 2 years ago when I figured out what I was doing. I’ve tried to stop but I just can’t for some reason the farthest I’ve gone is 2 months. I hope to get rid of this before it evolves to something worse. I also hear this will boost my confidence and anxiety.

Hey @pinkpanther this habit will not boost your confidence, if you want to boost your confidence and reduce anxiety, i recommend you to do regular exercise and meditation, this will help you a lot.
I’m also fall in this habit because i am also think that this will increase my confidence and reduce stress but later i came to know that this doesn’t give anything but it takes lot from you, it takes away my concentration, my power and that is why i decided to quit it.

I phrased that wrong, I meant quiting would boost my confidence and reduce anxiety. I will also keep exercising and will try meditation :grin:

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I relapsed again and feel like trash, i was doing so good until I had a thought and I couldn’t get I out. Then I I put it on the hub and thought of watching wouldn’t hurt. Little did I know I would fail and relapse. I was able to stop the urge at the moment but then fell back into the urge. what do you recommend I do. I took a freezing shower to punish myself for what i did. Also can you message comapions in the app.:cry:

Hey @pinkpanther don’t punish yourself, relapses might come but you should not stop trying. Make a promise to yourself that you would not see any image or video for just 3 days, Mark your progress Day 1 :heavy_check_mark:, Day 2 :heavy_check_mark:, Day 3 :heavy_check_mark:. In these day you should also do exercise. After 3 days, go for 7 days and mark your progress, slowly increase the no. of days. If you relapse do not disappoint, just try again. I also fail many many times but i not stop trying.
Just remember PMO would not give you anything.
Make a decision that you quit PMO not only for yourself but also for those who loves you
Do not use Facebook or Instagram because these can also lead to a relapse

Alright I will try again and this time I’ll last longer. I can feel it😁

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