IIT aspirant a new beginning

i am an IIT aspirant
one of the best engeneering college of the world but alas I am addicted to porn since I was 12 and I am 18 now and i really believe that in these years i destroyed my inner conscience by watching this shit.
Now i face issues like pre mature ejaculation and some time it don’t get ups untill i watch a harsh porn video and i really want to get out of this fake world where every woman is objectified and every other person has a stepmom and stepsis who are always ready to break culture.
and i will not PMO from now onwards


Good decision bro,keep going :v:t2:

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Same here bro, I am 18 too and was hooked on porn at the age of 12, let’s overcome this together

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Great going
Take one day at a time
Lets make nofap a life style😊

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