If you don't workout everyday, wtf are you waiting for?

If you are doing nofap and not what working out, dude what are you doing? I encourage all of guys to work out. If are already working out, then good on ya and keep at it. But I’m creating this challenge to help those who are not able to stay consistent with working out or don’t know how to go about it. Actually anyone can do it. No prior knowledge of working out is required. It’s designed for noobs to advanced.

This challenge is for a month, I’ll share a list of YouTube playlists. There are six playlists in total. Each playlist focus on a set of muscle groups.
They are:
1.Chest, shoulders and traps
2.Arms that is biceps triceps and forearms
3.Legs that is quads, hamstrings, hips and glutes and calves
4.Abs that is upper, lower and middle abs and also the obliques
5.Upper back, lower back and core

There are 30 videos in each of these playlists. You do one video per day. If you do one videos from each playlist, then you will do a full body workout everyday. Which is one of the best way to train your body. These videos are follow along that means you play the video and just follow along with the dude doing these exercises.its that simple.

These videos have progression tailored into it. Lemme explain. In the cardio series, there are 6 levels of intensity. First 5 days is the first level of intensity which is Tabata circuits. These workouts are only 4 minutes long but the last intensity round of the series is 20 minutes long. Each intensity level has 5 days so you’ll progress from 4 minutes to 20 minutes of hiit cardio by the end of 30 days. And don’t underestimate these workouts, they are crazy difficult to do and yields crazy results if you stick with it.

Now another important part. Out of these 6 series only 3 are pure bodyweight.they are legs, abs and cardio. The other three includes dumbbells as well. If you have a set of dumbells at homeor if you can arrange a set, you are good to go. Just blindly follow along and you’ll see results.

Now for those who don’t have dumbbells, you can follow along the bodyweight ones blindly but for the dumbell series here’s what you can do. He uses his app called " exerprise" to create these workouts. All you have to do is download the app, and instead of selecting dumbbells, select bodyweight and keep the rest of the options same.
I’ll explain with an example. For the chest shoulders and traps series, we need dumbbells. When you open the app, there will be 4 options namely, muscle groups, equipment available, intervals and length of workouts. If the first day of the series is chest and the intervals for the workout is 40 seconds of activity and 20 seconds of rest for 7 minutes, all you have to do is keep the muscle groups, intervals and length the same but change equipment from dumbbells to bodyweight and you are all set. You’ll get a workout and just follow the app.

This is series basically helps to build a habit of working out consistently and after a month, you can increase weight or reps, whatever you prefer and re do the 30 days to progress with your workouts.

I split the six playlists into two sessions, I do 3 in the morning and 3 in the evening. Here’s what I suggest, do chest, arms and legs in the morning and do abs, back and cardio in the evening. Keep cardio as the last one.

Now I’ll paste the links of the playlists.

chest shoulders and traps






As I said before, do one of each series everyday for 30 days.

If you are skeptical about it, just try any one of them out. I recommend you try the legs or cardio coz they are my favourite. I’ve seen the most results from those. The rest are just as good, but nothing burns like them legs.

If you are interested, then just Keep updating the forum if you have done these workouts everyday.
Just post
Chest shoulders and traps :heavy_check_mark:
Arms :heavy_check_mark:
Legs :heavy_check_mark:

Keep yourself accountable for maintaining the workout streak and it will help you gain muscle and lose fat if you are consistent. It will help a lot with nofap, trust me on this.

Even if you don’t want to update here it’s fine. My primary intension was to help those guys who struggle with working out or with consistency. Use these workouts howeoit suits you. Eat healthy as well. Maintain a caloric surplus if you want to gain muscle and maintain a caloric deficit if you want to burn fat.

Ok that’s a long ass post. If you have questions, feel free to ask here, I’ll answer when possible. Alright, good luck guys, happy workouts to y’all!


Thanks bro :cricket_bat_and_ball::+1:
Means a lot
Will do it


Anytime bro!:v::sweat_smile::v:you should practice cricket at the same time too yea? It’s a beautiful sport you should always find time to do the things you love!

Good post @GOVIND-19
Just remember-

  1. Don’t be a gym shark only. Play sports too. I don’t workout on days I have basketball matches, because I cout those as cardio (serious cardio too :hot_face:)
  2. Not everyone should work every day of the week. If you’re an ectomorph, focus on bulking and work out maybe 3-4 days a week.
  3. These exercises are not for everyone. Obviously Mike is a mesomorph, so his exercises are ones that generally help mesomorphs the most. It will help others too, but remember to do your research. Eg. I’m more of an ectomorph so I do less cardio and more bulking.
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@GOVIND-19 Thanks bro. You hav provided lot of information actually. For a beginner do you have any easier schedule or a workout plans? ( I don’t want to demotive you but it’s bit difficult as it looks like)

These workouts are designed in such a way that you don’t hit the same muscle groups without atleast having 24 hours of rest in between. Therefore you hit one muscle group only thrice a week which is exactly what you said. And I agree with the first point. I play badminton with my friends 3 times a week. Coz all the volleyball courts rearby are closed. And I focus on bulking too. Cardio is only just one portion to keep my cardiovascular fitness in check. As I mentioned in the post, do these exercises as it fits you. If you play basketball a lot, that’s a shit ton of cardio in itself, so you don’t have to do the cardio series. You can alter it however you wish! Have a great day

Also @Ash_Matt what position do you play? I’ve been a shooting guard all my life. I mean atleast till I used to play in a team

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Thx for this. I will do exercise daily🏋️ and become a 🥷

Bro it is difficult in its own way, but give it a try first. For the first week all of the the total workout length is 33 minutes combined. If you take rest in between it will go up to an hour. But you will only be exercising for 33 minutes which has rest in int as well. So I urge you to give it a try, or you can just choose any one series just to try the waters before you jump. If you have dumbbells try chest or arms series, or if you wanna do bodyweight, try legs or abs, or if you wanna lose weight just do cardio for 30 days. Don’t be in a hurry, I’ve been working out for like nine months now and I can tell from experience, you need a lot of patience and consistency to see results

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How often have you played? @GOVIND-19
I generally play PG.

Okay thank you… :slight_smile:

You’re a point guard, that’s damn cool! I don’t possess the handles required to be a point guard, but I have clutch shooting skills.I started playing when I was in class 6th, I played in our school team till class 12th. In my first year of college I met with a bike accident and severely dislocated my right shoulder. So I quit playing basketball for teams then, I did play for fun but I can’t push myself. The last time I played basketball I dislocated my shoulder. So I stopped and it’s been over a year since I’ve played at all. I changed to playing volleyball since then. I serve with my left hand so it’s safe. But now I can’t play volleyball coz courts aren’t open but I do play badminton with my friends in indoor courts but again I play with my left hand. I’m a right hand dominant player so I suck at badminton.:joy::sweat_smile:

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Oh man :frowning: that’s sad to hear. Don’t worry man, I’m sure God has a plan.

He he thanks! Generally I’m PG when I play with people my age/ a year older. When I play with guys who are several years older than me, I’m generally a shooting guard, since I’m fast and shoot, but I can’t finish easily, since all those guys are twice or thrice my size. But I’m catching up :muscle:

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I can’t finish at the rim accurately either. I’m like 1 cm short of 6ft, feel the pain​:sob::sob:. If the Centre is taller than me and if I can’t reach over him, I’d just go for a floater. I usually just go for a floater :joy::joy::joy:. Kinda like my signature. Aahhh those were the days

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:joy: awesome! I’m 6’ and 17, so I hope to be able to dunk soon. I’m ripping my calves and hamstrings for that- I can get the ring, but still need a few more inches to dunk :confused: waiting impatiently
Floaters are awesome imo. Trae Young uses floaters a lot, and amazingly well

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You’re 17and already six??? I hate you for telling me that :joy::joy: also thanks for feeding my insecurities :joy:. I could barely touch the rim, a dunk for me is impossible.

Also, I grew up watching dudes like Tony Parker and Chris Paul, the shorter guys and they used to land floaters like they were born to do it!

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Yeah man…this is waay off topic, but Curry has always been my favorite player of all time. He’s not tall or buff but he’s pure skill and fire…just like Pete Maravich.

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Bro I’m a Katta Steph curry fan bro! He’s the reason why I spent hours on the court just shooting. And yea, we are miles off topic :joy::joy::joy:. So coming back to the topic, workout people!

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Yeah I’m working out for about a year now and I am in love with the results.

Look at Curry man, so inspirational, ya know what I’m sayin?

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