If you are waiting for marriage


So for everyone out there who has a girlfriend who is waiting for marriage, I just have a warning I guess, so my girlfriend and I are waiting for marriage and we had all these great intentions but long story short we did everything short of sex, we cuddled alot and, yeah well anyway. :joy:
The point is that I was on a 44 day streak, but all that sexual tension had built up and in a moment of weakness I relapsed, wow it rocked the boat. but anyway just don’t get extremely physical unless you intend to go all the way, because it will come back to bite you


There’s a reason why sex should be reserved for marriage. So many will mock you and even laugh at you because they themselves are engaging in premarital sex and they don’t like anyone treading a different path.
Stick to it. It’s a decision which has stood the test of time. It will save you from lots of trouble.