If i don't solve this problem i will fail another year

Hi guys,

I have some issues with studying when it appears it always leads me to fail , and i don’t know how to overcome.

First I am feeling some laziness and i can’t get myself to study , i sit in my room in front of my laptop opening a lecture but can’t do anything .

Second if i barley could do anything , i couldn’t manege my time , i sited to study from waking up to sleep and it was just one lecture.

Have to mention that my exams 17 days later

So can anyone suggest solutions?


I wish you the best guys… Leaving this forum permanently… Good luck on your journey


I really appreciate your help :pray: @JonSnow001

I’m gonna apply some of these tips specially sitting time for myself by walking because my mind isn’t clear so i can think rightly.

That is also are gonna be put on action

Thanks again brother


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