If I call her, what should I say?

So some of you must be knowing that I was in love with a girl (one-sided💔) We were classmates till 10th now we’re in 12th, she’s in science stream and I’m in commerce. Before this we never had any conversation of any kind nor did we ever interact with each other. She’s a topper and I was below average student. I’m an acquaintance to her.
Now we’re 4 months away from giving our final exam and after that I’ll leave this town for further studies in college but before going to college I want to confess my feelings about her to her so that I won’t carry this regret that, “If I confessed to her then maybe something could have happened, maybe she would have said Yes”. I think God has given me a final chance to change this, I’ve got her number from somewhere and after a few days it’s my 18th birthday. So I’m thinking of calling her on my birthday (I’m not talking about inviting her) I mean I’m going to confess my feelings to her on phone. And she might have a Boyfriend :grimacing:

So that’s the scenario but I don’t know how will I start the conversation because she might think that I’m creepy. This is my final chance and I don’t want to waste it, so I’m asking for your advice on what to say to her on call. If a female can advice me about this then it would be better because you can put yourself in her place.
And don’t tell me to not even call her because that is totally out of question. I’m going to call her on my birthday and nothing can stop me from doing that! I don’t care whatever consequences it may bring. :boom:

You guys probably don’t have anything to say in this regard but still I felt like I should tell you guys about this dangerous stunt I’m going to perform because I really trust you people. You always have wished well for me and I hope this time also you’ll wish well for me. :love_letter:

I’ve got a rough idea of how I’m going to handle the situation but my ideas doesn’t work mostly, rest I leave upto my luck and God. Firstly I’m going to have a normal conversation and make her comfortable with me then gradually I’ll confess my feelings so that she doesn’t overreact and block me. :grimacing:

The reason I’ve chosen my birthday for doing this because that day so many people will wish me and if she said yes then it would make my day even more special. :star2::sparkles:


Ur not thinking abt future , ur brain is just excited that whether she will say yes or no on your birthday. But if she said yes then what ?

u both will go to different colleges and do u think u both will keep in touch with each other in college days ?

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Say hello, and then how was your day

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Long distance relationship will work, and I will meet her occasionally

Hey brother @vickyx she now you like her too or one side love

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Yeah, that’s the usual stuff

Is there any way you can meet her in person and do it? Confessions over phone calls and text usually don’t work…

I love her, but she doesn’t. Thanks for replying you can advice me better :smiley:

I’ll ask her to meet me in person and then I’ll propose her

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And one thing I forgot to tell that she might have a boyfriend :grimacing:

Are you sure she doesn’t have feelings for you?

She has a bf @brother vickyx

She might be having, when we’re classmates then I felt like she also liked me. That’s why there are 13% chances that she might say yes

That’s better! Just tell her how you feel and hope for the best. Don’t use cheesy pick up lines or something. It usually fucks shit up. Just tell her straight up dead ass that woman I like you, would you like to go on a date with me? That’s it. Keep it simple. You go in for the kill, you get out.

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She might be, but I don’t know. She had one a year ago but don’t know if they are still together

Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking

If you are doubtful, then ask her that first. Just ask her, are you single right now? If the answer is yes then abort mission. If the answers a no then you go in for the kill soldier! Good luck!:+1:

Even if she has a bf I’ve got a plan to tackle that too. I’ll do anything to get on date with her, her bf don’t stand a chance against me :sunglasses:

I think it’s bit complicated. But one more think you like her then you confess her. Because you have feeling toward your crush just tell her straight forward. Then Yess or no it’s depend upon a girl you like. Results is yes or no just except a result or move on after a result because you said they 13 % chances

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Don’t kill him or kidnap him or something ok?:joy:

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