[Idea] New way to use companion codes

Hello, im TheWindWaker. On the message board there are lots of users sharing theyr friend code, but there isnt a way to share your code to him. We a know how codes work: You copy and paste your friends code on your friend list, and your friend has to paste your code too. This way is slower, but i have an idea.
Do you know how nintendo friends codes works? You only need a code. You share your code with your friend, and he/she put the code on his/her list. Then you recive a friend request. Thats my idea, with this idea people who share their codes on the mesage board could add the people who has added them.
What do you think?

I wish the admin cares about my new idea.
Thx for reading!


I support your idea :handshake::blush:

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If you guys support my idea, plz leave a like or a comment!

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I like this idea, funny thing is I already had something like this planned for the future. You guys would have received the update by now but my health isn’t really well these days, and my productivity is down to zero. I’m starting to get better though.


I see, what about that story about you taher what it is taking so long I want to hear it

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