Idea i like to share,( positive message) (then a little extra personal current status)

Hello everyone , I want to share this idea with you while i know some know it already,

  • We’re humans, we are always looking to feel like we belong to some group, click, club or something. What is so crucial about this ?!

    • For example, Rab is a child growing up with a sence of whats right and whats wrong. However, when eventually he goes to play soccer all the kids there talk about porn and masturbation and being/getting horny with pride, like its something cool (Or in other cases children may be prone to violence and the use of vulgar language). At this point Rab is not comfortable with it, he feels something is not right. Eventually, the group mindset will be "let me try it and see ". At this point Rab finaly feels he’s part of that group. This feeling of acceptance washes every other feeling he had, and this pornography ,sex ,masturbation, violence and vulgarity will become his new normal. Rab wont feel its wrong anymore.
  • Growing up I observed this, as 15-17 years old, I would go to the court/play field not purely cause I want to play. I would play alone all day sometimes, but I believe that by being a good example to others, I could influence better behavior in other kids. That is how I protected my people, my friends. In being there a positive role model for many years, I’ve affected many children enabling them to grow into better people. I discussed the idea of positive role models with teachers eventually all teachers helped. Just being present even if its uncomfortable, A positive role model can help kids learn the differnce from right and wrong. Can explain, porn can have a negative influence on a child, its not normal/right. I can say I had impact on my environment. Unfortunately for some it didn’t last long. I was there they did have someone, when I went to university they were all alone.

  • Why Am I Saying All That? I was affected by negative role models in the comunity with no other options for positive influences. I got into watching porn in very very young age, it was “normal” and even encouraged. Eventually something bad did wake me up. So when I think of a place, I dont go there for the ‘lost’/bad people which i dont like. Insted, I go to to be a positive role model for the younger generation who haven’t been corrupted. I invest more in children cause they are easier to save and help. Just play with them, respect them, and talk to them. Give them attention and love.

  • When I first started, I was still weak. Many times I fell to the influence and was affected. When that happens I would leave the field to gather my thoughts and try to find back the better way of living.

  • To be clear, I am corrupted seed, I do my best to show the good parts, even if its only in front of people, but it gives them hope and show them another way to live. I dont want my darknest to reach them.

  • I want to be better, I was there helping children, and had no one to help me. There are things no one knows about me, like ** I was used, I used people, I experimented on my self, i did hurt my self,** and all this at age 7-14. (no particular orded)

    Extra, out of the topic :

  • I’m just a 21 year old guy and this is my sixth day. I’m glad that I see some support here. I’m studying Electrical Engineering and holding 3 part time jobs, like (all together 2 days a week) , I do get some side jobs when people insist and I can really help. I do teach one class (12th grade) physics , and accompany first year students EE ,help them with anything, and the third is at music teaching center.

  • I’m a third year student atm, I have an exam coming and honestly I dont believe i can do it. Failing would delay me a year or worst, will lose 2 jobs which supposed to thrive next year. I will be failing alot of people that are counting on and hanged thier hopes on me. I honestly feel like giving up. Everything. I would declare my failure starting with going back to the porn habit, not out of having strong urges atm but out of hopelessness.

  • I could really use any help, just pray for me. I beg you God to help me over come my exam and my addiction and help me be better person.
    Last but not least I’m on day 6. I’ve never been here , 6 days :slight_smile: And cant imagine how life would be from now on, never was out of this zone.

Thanks for reading


Hello, @Rab_J! Thank you for sharing your experience and thoughts. It’s really nice to see people with good intentions like you. You experienced something bad and for some time you were influenced by this thinking as it were normal. This really happens in a lot of ways, not only sexually speaking. But you had criticism of what they were doing. Then, although you feel there’s a spot in your deep soul, you transformed all this in something beautiful. I’m glad to read your post and see the big potential we have to change something in good way, just by doing our part and influencing people to replicate good deeds, even thought we didn’t have the same luck in the past. You make me feel hopeful in humanity.

Count also with me on this mission.

All the best for you, brother!



It was too nice to read as well as shameful to my own self could relate to every word. Thanks for sharing and btw

Good luck with your exams : D

I’ll keep reviving this post with essential thought , i need to keep in mind

They said Believe
as rewire companion quote says
" First Believe, And your half way there"

Life is all about believing, if you dont truely beleive ,then you’re persueing nothing, puting hours of efforts without believing worth nothing.
Believing that you can do it, that u can achieve something is the primary motivation, its energy the sourerce to power your self.
Its believing that you can reach your distination , that there is even a distination.
then you will be moving toward it. If u stop believing that means you’re out of fuel and out of disctination, like idk if even there is a distination to reach, so what way should I go! what path should I take! how should I react ?! You’re totally lost.

I spent tone of time thinking, im trying so hard why I’m not progressing anymore , why am i walking on my place, try to figure it out, (I thought for a long time, that i need a partner so i can actually move forward, and feeling alone (or depressed) is my breaks , its stoping me) ,But here is the answer guys :

The ultimate answer is, Believing

Thank you for reading guy, always remind me to believe always :slight_smile:


Not important (personal reminder)

false alarm/Idea, consept i had :
(I thought for a long time, that i need a partner so i can actually move forward, and feeling alone (or depressed) is my breaks , its stoping me) But here is the answer guys , its right when i have partner look like I’m moving ,I’m pregressing, cause I try to show better me to him/her ,even if it doesn’t exist , just to point that things can get better.


You’re doing great, Rab! Believe! :slightly_smiling_face:

How to live? All this pressure all the work that need to br done, and will never be over,

Wake up everyday with one idia, with one purpose, on goal, Make tomorrow better even if slightly better
And the next day remeber tomorrow is more beautiful than yesterday

Promise your self that every day is gonna be better , and dont sleep before u do at least one small simple thing that will make tomorrow better,

Great man "Husam Alhayik" said 

being better, being exelent , isn’t about succeeding at one point , its a life style, it is about daily basis simple stuff

“Rory Vaden”
Success is not owned, it is rented, and that rent is due everyday

So life is about keep moving, aim for better timmorow , even if slightly bettet :slight_smile:


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