I'am sorry everyone

I…relapsed. i’m sorry to disappoint you guys. You guys are very kind to me, Helping me, giving me many ways to avoid porn and masturbation. But today, i’ve failed you guys. I’m really really sorry. I’m sorry @NeverGiveup420 you are one of the best member in this community. You helped my pocd, Give me motivation. But i fapped like a coward. Now i’m start with new and fresh streak. wish me luck everyone.


Good Luck buddy !!


Highly recommend.


Don’t worry bro. Just relax.

See relapse as a piece of data. Analyze your relapse. What was the arguement that you listened to by your addicted monster?. Did u do it for pleasure? For relaxation? To decrease stress?. DID U GOT WHAT YOU RELAPSED FOR?.
Just create a new rule according to the data you collected, and update yourself.
Now, you are a better person and the chance of relapse from the same method is zero.

Keep improving and you will become an expert.
But if you just cry in sadness everytime you relapse and wont analyse your mistake, YOU WONT GET FAR.

If a boxer gets punched in the face and gets knocked out, he will analyse the fighting patterns of his enemy to defeat him in the next round. BUT If he wont do this and only cries, then he will get punched again and again.

Everyone relapses. I have relapsed a thousand times in 10 years. ITS NOT A BIG DEAL!. Just think that you won 28 fights and lost 1 fight.

You always have a new round to fight again, a new day to rise up again.YOU ARE ONLY A LOSER IF YOU STAY ON THE GROUND NOT RISING UP. AND YOU ARE NO LOSER!!! YOU HEAR THAT!!!

:fire:(ง’̀-'́)ง :fire:

I believe in you bro :fire::+1:


Thank you bro, i’m gonna try for 1 month. Wish me luck


Best of luck bro :muscle::grin::+1:

You can now reach higher streaks!!!


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