Iam a believer!

Iam a believer!
Iam a river!
I will never stop! Even if big mountains come in my path, i will just pass aside them! And if I can’t find a way away , i will fuck it aside! Break the mountain and make a way though it! Iam not stoppable! Iam ever growing! Yeah this is me! Iam gonna grow but not become something else! Iam a river! I will grow forever till i don’t see the ocean! Iam a believer! I accept my life! I accept my insecurities! I accept my mistakes! I accept my choices! I learn from them and face them and not fear and run from them! Iam not stoppable! I will come back stronger everytime i take 1 step back! I believe in God! Yeah ! He is the supreme! The Creator ! The Maintainer! The Destroyer! The supreme intelligence! All the different names of him, i accept them all! Iam a believer! Iam his child and iam gonna meet him one day! Iam a believer!

Thanks for reading! This is what iam feeling!
Sorry for the swearing.


I hope you meet him. He is inside our body in our hearts and souls.

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