I was with my girl, she wanted my sperms, so she jerked me off, is that a relapse?

Pls answer this question and help me brothers

Brother it depands if you are doing a Reboot my advise is not to have sex.

Thanks @anon66785751, ll take care of that.

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Yeah man. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but u relapsed.

from my perspective you didn’t.
but how do you feel?
do you feel like you did something bad?


Well, Im not an expert. But I think you didnt, If you are on easy mode. Hard mode maybe.

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That isn’t a relapse in my opinion, having relationships with real girls shouldn’t become a negitive thing in your mind. Maybe if you feel no affection and respect for her, maybe then it’s a relapse. But don’t let other people think for you, only you can really know how you feel about something.


I would say it’s okay as long as you weren’t thinking about porn or another girl at the time.

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For me orgasms whilst dreaming and whilst having sex are good and make me feel good and healthy. Porn and masturbating make me feel bad so that’s why I quit them.

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Yes because thats with hand i would say next time try different options but stay away from the hand even its your girl this only apllies of you are on hardmode

Thanks guys, really appreciate