I was almost there

Damm i was about to ejaculate no shy and to end my 2 day streak which is about to become 3 day but then i stopped myself because I don’t want to lose from myself #hala #madrid follow me for competition i will follow you back

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Let me give you a tip that might help you. Buy colorful sticky notes of 90 pages, write the numbers on each paper and hang them on your wall. Make every 10 days your Reward Days. At day 90 I will have to visit the spa. As each numbers represent your days of progress, these notes help you to remember why you want/need to stop PMO and what achievement is waiting for you. I am on day 6 and that method has been helping me so far. Before I used to relapse every 5-7 days. At my 10th day I’ll be rewarding myself with a homemade cake.

What also helps is to hang the 22 first numbers in red/pink notes from the lower wall, 23 - 44 in orange, etc. to have an illusion of a calendar and that you are climbing the path to success. I’ve had a bad dream the other night about relapsing and watching p*** that indicates how badly my mind is affected :sweat_smile: so I am going to hang 30 additional notes.

Let me know in 10 days if this helped you! :smile:


Sounds great as i already have sticky notes i willtry that out