I want to share something terryfing with you

I pmoed 2 times today. I couldn’t handle it. I am trapped in a house for weeks… Nevertheless i masturbated without and erection and ejaculated… The second time I could not finish… This is the first time it’s happening to me… I’m terrified… Is thia normal? I don’t have problems like that… Lie ever?


I was actually really stressed… Like really…

I’m sorry to hear that you relapsed. Earlier, you said that you had surgery and you can’t exercise for 2 months. In that case, if I was you, I would try a new hobby.

For example, Do you like Legos? Do you like Lego Star Wars? I would build a bunch of those to keep me occupied. Do you like building structures? How about Lego Architecture? You can build the Empire State building, The White House, The Burj Khalifa and more.

Also, look at the Nofap motivation videos on YouTube. If you feel the urge, use that moment to post your deepest thoughts and feelings to the community. You want to keep yourself busy during recovery. Idling is not good. I hope this helps.

Stay Clean, Stay Focused, Stay Healthy and Stay Happy! :v:

Nicholas/24/VA Beach, VA, :us:


Most probably because of stress, try to get a 90 day streak you’ll be fine with your PP.


Everything will be solved bro. But only with a clean reboot for 90-180 days. You can do it. Just keep faith and forget about your dick. Give it some rest dude :sweat_smile:
You have been choking it, for too many years. There is nothing to wonder when it shows its protests through some dysfunctions. Iam currently struggling from PIED. My dick is dead. Fuck, what kind of an addiction is this!!


You have just killed your fucking dick!

Welcome on board… You have to reset your brain now. NO PMO for 3 months, maybe more, maybe less. Don’t touch your dick during this reset.


Hey @niklaus , just like @FlowForCourage said, you’ve killed your dick!

Look at it this way: you’ve been hitting your head against a wall over and over again… now you’ve come to the point where your head can’t take it anymore and it’s too damaged to even hit the wall again. Does that sound ridiculous to you? Well, it’s the same with each PMO session up to the point your penis stops working. This is as pathetic as it can get. Does it surprise you though…?

Take your head out of the sand and stop coming up with excuses:

Does this sound like a person who wants to quit PMO?

I’m being blunt here. Literally no amount of stress can justify a PMO session. I repeat, no amount of stress. Doing PMO once is a mistake. Going one sessions after the other is a decision.

We suffer not from the events in our lives but from our judgement about them.

Take action and take care of yourself.


I had a lot of high streaks. But believe me I have problems that you only see in movies… I’m didn’t say I relapsed becayse I’m stressed… I meant that i couldn’t get an erecrion because I was stressed

Thanks guys it mens a lot for me…i realy love nofap but in the situation I’m ij righr now I can’t do nothing… I’m gonna start again though… Just not today…

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Damn bro…

so, what is it that you are doing here? According to your statements here, you are having unthinkable problems and you can’t do anything…? How does that relate to PMO…?

Of course I have no idea what you are going through, since I’m not walking in your shoes. I’ll just list a couple of problems that I’d personally think as very, very horrific if those were to happen in my life:

  • My family dies in a car accident
  • My family gets murdered and brutally dismembered
  • A family member gets robbed, raped and murdered
  • I get robbed, lose my job and live on the streets without any shelter

Now those things are horrific and cause stress… but how possibly could doing PMO after experiencing any of those situations help at all? It’s like having a fire in your house and you pour gasoline over the fire to make things “better”.

Look at PMO for what it is: it’s self harm and it gives you nothing.


You’re right my brother. Tomorrow I’ll begin and I’ll never fap again… I just also fear the fast ejaculation that comes with nofap…


Who can have problems after reading this. Thank you for your sharing, brother.


A lot of people including me. Traumatized things that happened to my family.

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