I want to masturbate every minute

I want… and a like… i love to masturbate my hard cock. Its so beautiful when he is hard and i cant to stop touching him and jerk him omg. I want to stop, but i cant


whats ur age bro???

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i am 36 years old. ///

Man, just think of the amount of time and energy going into such a momentary pleasure. I mean retrospect at the hours, days and years that have lapsed. U hv to make yourself believe that u are better than this and that your ding dong doesn’t control you, you control it .


so how long u been playing with ur dingdong


Since 12-13years i think

I know but it always take a more control of me periodicaly

U gotta keep going
It’s not about how hard u can hit,
It’s about how hard u can get hit and keep moving forward,
How much u can take and keep moving


I some times masterbate about 6_7 times a day.
It’s really hard to stop the urge

Of course it’s hard to stop. Because it’s not just a mere habit but also an addiction. You’re no longer in control. The addiction has taken over. Look at alcoholics and drug addicts. We’re the same as them, difference is it’s internal, that is our orgasm generates the dopamine, the drug. You have to make some changes and have to have strong resolve to get out of it.


Realy?? Omg, omg…its makes me feel horny when i think about it

Again you are wrong bro its not the problem of body producing dopamine cause normally we need it , if its not there then you will land up with Parkinson’s disease. But the problem with fapping is that we tend to overstimulate the pleasure centre which is the main culprit here.


This addiction is really hard to stop, but we can stop it.

Think why you want to do it and how it will end.
It is for the pleasure, of course. But that pleasure always fades quickly, and you will be wanting more, so you do it again, receives the pleasure, but you are never really satisfied.

The more you do, more unsatisfactory it becomes.
It goes more difficult to get the same pleasure again.
And in the end, you have such a emptiness, a big lust, and be unsatisfied with everything.
Your life will become worthless because of it.
You will start to want not live anymore.

So we must stop this vicious cycle for good.

We want regain the control on our lives.
We want the true happiness on our life, not this fake, artificial, temporary pleasure that just destroying us inside.

And we will succeed!


Thanks for the correction

For some detailed explanation…

Believe me when i say this: Life without masturbation is a really greaatttt its a LOT better. And the addiction to such high energy life is far greater than the addiction tot his momentary pleasure that you get from masturbating. Just once if you experience the satisfaction, the good feeling inside after leaving this practice will make up for all the years that you have lost to this heinous evil. You will just be grateful that you have left this practuce and instead of filling with regret for the years lost you will be happy that you still dont continue living as slave to the practice. Everyone is with you and try to seek all the help without any embarrasment. You will surely be happy if you just dare to put up a fight against it let alone leaving it.


Make sure what u want & then come here to accept challenge