I want to leave this Now. please help me

It is been 9 years since
I started with masturbation. I am 21, This is affecting all
My life. I do not know what to do. I am … You understand me

My relationships are only my family. I can’t make eye contact with strangers


If you are ready to forget your penis & sexuality. You can do this… easily.

Just like you were in your childhood.


First of all you should accept this mentally, that porn or masturbation is ruining your life, and then find the cue which leads to PMO(Porn Masturbation Orgasm). If you’re doing same mistake again and again… Like taking phone to bed in night & watching porn & then masturbated. If this happened once it’s okay but again & again same repeatedly you do then it’s intentionally.
It’s better to write the journal what made you to do Masturbation. & List of cue, so that you won’t repeat last mistake again.
Many people have mobile phones why others won’t access which we do in night? Because they know what is necessary & when… Currently we all should focus on our career than this bullshit.
Most important this make yourself busy(in hobby or work you enjoy doing).
If you can’t focus on one thing… Try to do meditation… It helps you to focus one thing at a time & Control your thoughts. You should know which thought is necessary to focus on or which we have to ignore.

If you need any more help feel free to PM(private message) me.


Thank you for your answers! I tried many things, but sometimes I forget to accept the cost, like leaving my phone outside my room. I am here because, even in my confusion, I know there are people with the same problems. Sometimes I think I am the only one, but I will try to open my eyes