I want to learn self control

Hello everyone… as the title says, i want to gain knowledge about self control… because my self control is almost 0… it’s not just about NoFap… but i don’t have control even on my feelings , words, eating habit, gaming etc…

So if anyone has any good tips or a list of good points about improving self-control, then please share it here… it will be great help to me…

Thank you…


Read up on willpower and how it is depleted by decision making through the day.

Self control is not some sort of trick you can learn. The people who have most self control are just people who have to use willpower the least cause most of their decisions are automatic and they can save willpower for the important ones.

This is all you will need to know on “self-control improvement”


:thinking::thinking: thank you @Ash_Matt you really made me think on this… i read your words many times and let them sink in me… it’s actually complicated… self control is not easy as i used to thing(like reading articles and learning self-control from it.)

Taking the right decision, taking decisions quickly based on the topic to be decided, and using your willpower wisely for these decision making… ultimate result :- you learn to practice self control daily unknowingly…
Wow :clap::clap: thanks brother :muscle:


Small improvement in a single day, continue this process for long time.


Start small in controlling yourself. Be proud of your achievements. Then increase restraint.
Try disciplining your life instead, your sleep routine, exercise, study time etc. Learn to do what needs to be done on time. You’ll get there.

Regarding self control in PMO, just control yourself today. Forget tomorrow, forget past too. And do this every day.


That is what i need to focus upon… My days are just shattered with procrastination… but I’m working on it now… I guess if i achieve control on my day, I’ll be living the life that i wanted to…

And regarding nofap, I’m focusing on one day at a time, one urge at a time. I’m coming up with 5-10 second rule that we must follow when we are hit by an urge (such rule might already be present in this forum, but i don’t know about it/haven’t read about it. I’m making one for my own.) I’m experimenting it on myself first and when I’ll be ready with it, I’ll post it here in my diary and in my threads.

Thanks for your precious help :muscle: @NeverGiveup420

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Brother! Are you losing something which you love the most or you leaving the poison which is degrading your life? If your answer is second, then don’t rely on will power, set up your mindset and prepare your subconscious mind to think that the addictio you are leaving is poison and you are better without it.

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@a_lone_warrior05 your point of view is also very good… i have tried it earlier too… And succeeded too… but upto an extent… I mean for 1st time it will work… it will work till 3rd-4th time… But for thr 5th time this doesn’t work, mind losses out and gives up… what can be done then? So that we can stay strong for infinite no of times… ?

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Procrastination is the result of excessive screen time and lack of action.Just limit your screen time to a specific time slot.

And we also procrastinate when we have to do a difficult task. Break down a difficult task into smaller targets. Instead of saying I’ll read 5 chapters, say I’ll just read a paragraph. Trust me it works!


Still you are relying on willpower. Willpower will be the last resort for that. If you make a good mind and do it you will defeat otherwise you are just pampering yourself that you are weak and not worthy to do no fap. Although my words are harsh but reflect it, it might open your eyes Insha Allah.

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Yes brother… i have used this super power for last 2 months and i have extracted results from it on academic basics… this actually works… there was a big gap after 2 months in my studies and i fell apart from it. Now I’ll do it again… and i will use this super power wisely in all other things now…

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@a_lone_warrior05 you’re words are not harsh brother, I’m getting what you want to say… maybe you are right… i have just pampered myself and my mind is never ready to accept changes even if they are good… i seriously need to get out of my comfort zone first …

I’m ready with my experiment… Here it is guys…

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