I want to do sperm count test

I have been masturbation addict for many years. Im 25 right now, and i think that i have lost much of my sperm quality. For that i wanna do sperm test at local male health center. what i know is that before test, one should not ejaculate min 4 days.

Now my question is that… if i stop myself for ejaculating for like 4 to 7 days… and go for sperm count check…knowing that before that i have been addicted to it atleast twice a week. Will the 4 to 7 days absence from ejaculation one time… is sufficient to check my sperm ? or i should refrain from this habit for like 2, 3 weeks… to have a better result.

In simple words.
doctors say to refrain from mastr / sex activity for atleast 4 to 7 days before sperm count test…

but is this case same for a masturbation addict person ? whose frequency for past 3 months is twice a week. means every 3 days after. or almost 10 to 12 times a month.

Being an addict even one session is bad.

I know been there I have said alot of things for myself. Sometimes sure once a week did happen but I bindged mostly. This on and it so happend sometimes I just went a day or two after my relapse and relapsed again. Then I can’t take it and feel bad and fap two days after another or half week and steadly it keeps going on to half month and during that month pure chaos and before I know it back to old habits. And watching porn again.

It is the same for most habits to rekindle. Drinking, smoking and drugs. All requires just one practice thereof and then no stopping.

The body feels so satisfied and wants to do it again and obviously keep at it. So it will be harder to break free the second time round.

Last year my highest I gone was 2 months no pmo. It was great and then I relapse and went in this cycle. Back from where I started.

I was deep in the fapping and porn. Man porn I didn’t see everyday. Maybe every 3rd day. But fapping. Awh man there wasn’t a day I wouldn’t pass without doing it. Sometimes 4 times a day on weekend when I was at home. Mornings, afternoons and in the shower and then in bed.

I felt bad and hated doing it I was litterly bored of fapping. And I did weekly streaks but didn’t last and felt so demotivated in doing it or anything really.

Well, hope this point of view shows you that even if this weekly thing might work. It truely ain’t worth the it and not much healing takes place.

Good luck and stay strong and awesome!!

Well brother I don’t have much idea.

If you go there on less streak then the report will be bad definitely and this will give you a motivation to never involve with masturbation and all.

If you go with a long streak 14 days etc.
Report will be good and you’ll be like it’s ok with how I’m performing…

In the first case you can end the addiction for ever.

I think you should go with the routine you were following up till now. That is the meaning of medical test. You want the report of your bodies current situation so that you could know how much you have to modify it.

It is an opportunity to end the addiction forever…

Keep going :pray::pray::+1::+1:


If you’re health man , normally no masterbate for up to 4 or 5 days or above the result should be OK. If you worries then just keep it for a week. The test actually is to test your sperm quality, quantity, whether active or not, your volume of semen and whether after you ejaculate your semen can be liquidfy within few hours or contain very blood (internal bleeding) etc.

I believe the longer you keep, the more semen you will get but for quality wise it will depend on your body, how good and healthy your testiscal.

Yes I do agree to do the test. I understand why you’d do that.

But at the end he metioned that a healthy man according to doctors can masterbate every 4 to 7 day in order to have a good sperm count.

Sure I have seen the effects of having a high streak and then relapse. The quantity of semen is much higher on a 100 day streak than only a week.

Not to judge or to bad mouth anyone on the forum and please take this neutrally.

If you look carefully on the forum not a lot of people reach a 100 days from the get go. Also even reaching it doesn’t give a clean sheet when it comes to orgasm as nighfalls do occur or weird stuff like a lot of pre-cum secretion or peeing semen at times.

So in order to have a fair amount of semen if you have this test abstaining for a week is probably also to cut out certain factors. Like mentioned higher streak =more semen=more sperm (depending on the health conditions). Also this can seem to be like a healthy recovery week in terms of sperm and semen as the frequent you relapse the less your semen.

But to say for an guy stuck with this problem of pmo. It’s okay to relapse once a week. It’s a bad idea. Not to mention say once a week ( 4 times ) a month maybe, but on that day it won’t stay only one time maybe 3-4 on that day at the end of the month ( 12-16 relapses) . If done weekly.

If you do Nofap logically you would aim for a clean month no relapses. Should you relapse weekly there is no real benefit or you getting away from the bad habit. At best to have an okayish “clean” month is to limit it only to 2 relapses. No binges on the 2 days like seriously 2 times. In a binge (6 to 8 times) and this is not optimal and obviously still keeps you hooked and makes it difficult to get any better streaks. As binges bites you in your arse to do it more often

I am not concerned on doing the test as it is good to know about your sperm count anf quality in order to get children and you don’t feel the need to struggle or stress to get your wife pregnant. But I do however have an issue by justifying masterbation for addicts and say a doctor says relapse a week is more than okay or is healthy and normal. As I have said either you fall to old habits or due to binging 16 times max (4 relapses weekly on 1 day)

Remember this obviously doesn’t just count as 4 relapses a week if you binge only on 1 day weekly. (Obvious) , but most people will justify the binge relapse in this method as well.

Hope I came through more clearly. I don’t wanna argue I just wanna point out what I find as a mistake in justification towards fapping as the doctor mentioned in first post of @samichamp95.

Good luck and stay strong and awesome

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exactly brother… one major purpose is to get the certification of poor sexual health just to make me more afraid of masturbation. This will also motivate me for the healthy life.