I want to become someones friend, companion, competitor and a brother on this Path

Sharing code - 7aedf4

Current streak - 0 days *
Highest streak - 50 days *
Age - 19
Gender - M
Location - EU

Why I want a companion - I need to get back on track guys. I want someone who I can challenge for a long period of time (+100days) and talk to him on a daily or weekly basis, updating each other on their Path. Please


Hey man, I think I could be that companion. I’m 21, from Brazil. My highest streak was a little days more than a month. But I would like to be in a challenge for a long period of time

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Sharing code - u9ei8k

Current streak - 24 days *
Highest streak - 27 days *
Age - 33
Gender - M
Location - India

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Hi, that’s amazing. I’ll hit you up in DM’s so we can add each other

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I’m here to support you comrade :handshake:

Current streak - 30 days *
Highest streak - 39 days *
Age - 21
Gender - M

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Thank you brother. I really do appreciate it so much:)

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Hey bro i have the same issue.
I am lonely most of the time.
It would be great if you take me as your COMPANION!!!
Wish you the very best!!!:grinning:

Add me and we’ll support each other :slight_smile:

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You can compete with us as well @edistoretto.

38 members are already competing with each other here.


Need accountability partner


Cur. 0
Hi: 6
Age: 33
Ge: M
Loc: US


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