I want the control even in my dreams

I defeat the goddess of pleasure while i am conscious but in my dreams i am a Loser. I masturbate in my dreams, i watch porn in my dreams, i have sex in my dreams… they are so weird. Example : i repent in my dreams after i relapse in a dream. I do sex in open public… in front of my wife in dreams… sometimes i am half awake and confused in sleep and found myself thrusting in blanket so fucking weird and dangerous.

I want to take care of myself even in my dreams but for now i find myself a slave in my dreams while i am awake i can easily make fool of this pleasure goddess … i got the weapons but i am so weak in my dreams… why ?

Some say when you force yourself on some things and deep down you want them… these things comes in your dreams so basicaly your subconscious mind make them into reality in dreams… i am yet to explore my other levels of mind… thats why i am on hard mode… to take control over my subconscious mind… i am a conquerer… i am coming… beware.


Dont Reset … Dreams are beyond our control… as of now.


Do not wear tight clothes to sleep

drink one glass of warm milk after you pee

Btw you both Indians?


Bharat mata ki jai. Vande matram. :india:

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What’s your current streak? And have you watched anything arousing?

Edit : or, anything arousing, mentally?

I am on 18th day of hard mode.

On 14th day i watched you think you can dance just for pass time and i was surprised the nature of couple dancers in it. There dance was erotic and women were wearing short clothes flaunting their asset. It was a big mistake that i realized soon and closed it after watching the first dance performance.

I had to recollect myself after that and i had urges next day to watch the same but i defeated them and crushed them with full force after that the sexual dreams have begun. These dreams are realy very scary…

At 14th day i was in depression and i think i breaked a little on that day but somehow i came back in this battle with full force.

I have to up my guard now and stick back to basic… 3 practical methods are my wall on which i am defending my Castle. :classical_building:

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By the way i had a nightfall on 4th day of my journey.
Somedays you cant tell… because i was all clean before that… no arousing watching… dreams are beyond all things… you watch … dont watch… doesnt matter .

I just wanna encourage you to keep strong, and diligent! And not to dwell too much, but keep asking/praying and trying to Sharpen your mind. :muscle:

I had an experience while I was away some months ago.

I was completely clean the whole time, but one day, alone, chilling on the couch, phone in hand, my curiosity lead me into Google images (though with safe search/blocker) I got heavily aroused by an innocent pic, to the point of release.
Full force, I completely mentally stopped it from happening (which was quite astounding) and that night I had a crazy eros dream with a person from a video.
But from practicing that serious restraint, I also exercised that mental capability in my dream.
I conquered the succubus that night in that dream, and felt very proud.

I don’t suggest to anyone to look at anything eros related to try this, but recognise them as entities/spirits.
If anyone does find themselves in honouring eros, I strongly suggest actively killing “it” in those moments. That dance video is a good example of a time to practice

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I can’t remember my mindset at the time, but I’m guessing it was a very religious, devotional one.

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