I want more companion for 90 day challenge

I want a companion for 90 days hard mood challenge… If companion have Urdu language then Best…

Sharing code - agociu*
Age - 25
Gender - M
Location - Pakistan

For Help and motivate each other - *


Count me in.
@Ash_Matt @Einzelganger @josephvt @Tagore @anon14496424
If any of you want to help this soldier?


Ok but I don’t know urdu…
Thanks for inviting adul !


Plz Motivate me… And help me to complete this challenge… I hopeful to complete this challenge with some Motivation… In Sha Allah

When and how Many days did you start challenge…

I am in brother…

My sharing code-

I’m in too.
My code : uxriod
Current streak - 6 days *
Highest streak - 40 days *
Age - 21
Gender - M

I can understand Hindi pretty well, and Urdu is pretty much the same.
But sadly I can’t write Hindi or Urdu. If I try, it becomes cringe :disappointed:

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We can start is right now dude.
Let’s do it. Start the count down for 90 days right now no matter what day are you on. Keep going
My sharing code: 7uhdi0
Yesh just like einzlganger said, I also can understand hindi and urdu. But writing is and reading is hard.

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Add my sharing code, I have need quickly some motivation … So that we can encourage one another for fighting it… We are to defeat it together … In Sha Allah

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Add my Sharing code so that we can fight together… agociu

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Add my sharing code… Thanks

OK no problem for English… Add me… agociu

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Add me my sharing above code

Don’t be sad dude…
A relapse is not the end of everything.
Change how your day goes… just don’t procrastinate ok?
Be productive… trust me, being productive doesn’t make you sad… it’ll give you hope and make you hapoy and help in abstaining more…

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