I want a competitor

Hey ! Everybody
It’s depressed here.
I am one 17 hrs streak currently and want a potential competitor.
So that I can complete with him for who doesn’t fap for longer time.
Code :- 1d1da8

Condition :- Difference of streaks must be within 2 or 3 hours.

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I am in , u up for a 15 day challenge ?

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I’m up too , let’s compete

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@the_alpha_wolf @aneeque444
Sharing Codes ?

@the_alpha_wolf I got yours from your profile.
We are very close.You at 19 hrs and I just hit 20.

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2b6eb1 is my sharing code

I m ready add me up

My code-e4d240
Country india

Okay this is the screenshot of our current streaks.
Very similar.
Order is

Let’s compete and daily update this screenshot.


Arrange your companion in this order too my using that rearrange button.

4 of us, we are on similar streak let the race begin

Yeah @depressed…let the race begin…but remember m a old player bro…but hard to defeat

Ohh sure !! Mr. @Punisher
So let’s do some other talks.
Anyone here plays pubg ? Or has ever played ?

What is pubg? Would you explain it plz

Ohh !
It’s just a playstore game.
“PlayerUnknown’s BatteleGrounds”
I was thinking of playing it,so asked if anyone has played it.

Okay is anyone here maths graduate ??
I am having a real analysis paper on 19th and don’t know shit !
Please help !!

Here bro !
We four are on a competition of who lasts longer in nofap.
I see you have got a similar streak to us.
May if you like ,you may join us in the race.
I am at 2 days 15 hrs btw.
Code 1d1da8

P.s. @the_alpha_wolf Soldier Down !!!

The alpha wolf was KIA :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Sorry to have let you all down, brothers :confused:
Been going through a lot of stress lately and i gave in to momentary pleasure
Nevertheless, I’m still going to push ahead behind you guys and still compete

No probs brother
Why do we fall ?
So that we can learn to pick ourselves up

@aneeque444 What is “Kia” bro ?

Anyone ?

KIA is a term used in the army
It stands for “killed in action”

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I have played man…but the new update is quite big so i left it😊

What phone do you have ?
Does it work on low end phones?
Like Redmi 5 ?