I wanna delete my account

@risinglion123 you are the admin right??
Could you please delete my account,i want to do so due to some reasons


First of all , Only Taher can delete the account. The only thing the admins can do is to suspend the account temporarily or permanently.

But that’s an extreme case that could be imposed upon when someone is not keeping his moral standards within the community.

Also I would suggest not to tag Taher frequently, He is really busy guy who appears here during emergency situations.

If you feeling low , we are ready to help you.

Or take a break for the time being .


There are some moderators available if taher is not available.
@moderators like @Ash_Matt , Taher is @admins here.
Sometimes both are busy so, wait for a day they will definitely text you back on your post.

I hope you’ll be fine soon

If you need to share something(why you wanna delete account or any other you can Dm me anytime.


@anon73192546 the moderators such as @Taher or @Ash_Matt can definitely delete your account but are you sure that this is what you desire?

Think about the first reason why you came here in this place, in this community, brother, as I always say: “It’s never too late for greatness”
No matter how hard it seems, no matter what you face, always have hope

Hope is the only eye that can see the light at the end of a dark cave, hope means hoping even when things seems hopeless, hope is how day always comes after night.

Never lose hope, storms make people stronger and never last forever. My life is hope, your life is hope, our life, is hope!!!

The past is a history, the future is a mystery, and today is a gift, that’s why they call it present :gift:.

Tomorrow is today waiting to happen.

Chose wisely.

Your friend who cares about you, Sabeur Khalid
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Do you want me to delete your account?

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