I walk 3 hours everyday

Guys, i really really tired. everyday i walk about 3 hours after work and arrive home so late. But i still have many urges when i am alone. I don’t know again, what to do… my body exhausted, but my mind keep telling me to do PMO again.

what should i do? pleeeaaseee hellppp…


Sleep it off, that’s the best way to handle any kind of urges. You said that you reach very late from work, that too exhausted. Then just sleep just after coming home. Initially the resistance will be more, but soon it will become a habit.

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ok… i’ll try it…immediatrly go to sleep after i arrived home

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Dude, walking 3 hours everyday is like working out 3 hours everyday. Unless you are professional, you shouldnt jump into that tense schedule. You should also have some rest and have at least one day off between trainings.

Think about what could you do during “off days” - maybe reading, learning something new, creating smth?