I told my Girlfriend about my addiction

yesterday I told my girlfriend about my porn addiction.
so basically we are in long distance relationship.
and she was really sad and she scolded me after hearing this. she asked me the reason why I can’t control my self and i was shamed on myself and couldn’t tell a single reason.
she is always very supportive and now i promised her that I will not watch all these again.


Well done man. The hardest thing for me is being vulnerable and telling people my weaknesses so reading that you have actually done it makes me so proud of you.

Thank you for being on this path to self-improvement and bettering yourself. Never stop believing in you and trying. I’m sure your gf will be very supportive towards your goal.

I wish you good luck in your journey. Stay strong :four_leaf_clover::crossed_fingers::muscle:


I wish I would’ve had the strength to tell the girl I was with while we were still together. I might have gotten help sooner. Tell your girl that it might be hard to understand, but that porn is addictive and that it’s HARD to quit. Keep being vulnerable and ask her for help. Overcoming this together might even bring you two closer. God bless, my friend :latin_cross:


God bless you brother. You are strong!!

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