I think l have phimosis, what should l do?

I’m sad for not knowing this and I’m aged 22 and wish it was taught in school not in porn (haven’t watched porn in a long time btw). So basically dicks foreskin should glide up and down. This makes sense for sex and all but mine can’t. I did my research and l think l have phimosis - tight foreskin.

What should l do? Plus l feel awkward if l told my parents and l can’t go to the Dr as l live with my parents and don’t want them to find out. To be honest it’s frustrating as a dick is not a dick if it can’t function well or have the ability for me to clean it regularly


Nothing to be ashamed of. It’s not connected with masturbating. Some guys just have phimosis. It’s easy surgery and you need it. Better tell parents and go to doc.


Thanks but surely this day and age of technology you don’t have to have surgery and there is another way round it

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No need for surgery, it can be fixed with steroid cream from doctor and gentle stretching exercises.

If it’s not causing a problem there is no need to fix it. I have phimosis and I accept it as a natural variation of the penis. My phimosis causes me no problems.

My advice is avoid surgery, avoid circumcision, because you will be removing the most sexually pleasurable part of the penis. The foreskin has more pleasure nerves than any other part of the penis.

Reports from guys who has experienced sex before and after circumcision say that they lose up to 70% of the pleasure after circumcision.

Phimosis is not normally a problem many men live with it their whole lives without a problem, (I am one of these men). There is no need to fix it unless you have pain or problems. If you choose to fix it out of need or by choice avoid surgery and ask your doctor for steroid cream and do stretching exercises which can be found on the internet.


Wtf?! Let him go to the docter instead of sharing these fakes.


Aye l knew surgery surely couldn’t be the only solution to this problem. I mean the only problem right now is l can’t clean it. All my years of living and now at age 22 l found out you have to clean inside the dick. I just wish l was actually taught that but no school of course don’t want to teach these important things just basic puberty stuff. So yeah I need to clean in and also for much later on for sex as it will hurt if the foreskin doesn’t glide up and down properly

I did say for him to go to the doctor lol

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It isn’t fake brother, Paoolos has shared true information.

There is no need for surgery, especially not the removal of the foreskin.

If the phimosis is causing discomfort, there are exercises online which can retrain the foreskin to work naturally.


Hey guys peace peace lol let’s not have a war. Thanks for all your advice


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