I think I'm having bad dreams because of abstain

I’m currently on day 16, and since 2 or 3 days I’ve been having these strong urges at night, I can calm them by meditation and then I sleep. What’s odd here, is that I’m having some bad dreams, i would say they’re like nightmares, they’re about people I know getting mad with me, I’m disappointing them on dreams, you think it could be some way my body is detoxing itself for all the shame I had on my back because of fapping? I’ll be reading your responses.

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You cannot control what is happening in dreams at night. All I will say is don’t think wrong thoughts about anyone during the day and focus on your goal.
That’s all.:blush::+1:.


Thanks brother, I’ll take your advice.

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You cant stop them brother . You are on day 16 now , I faced them even at 90th - 100th days . The best you can do is avoid sexual thoughts and fantasizing during day and don’t watch any bad content + meditate for 15 - 20 minutes daily to get stability in your mind . Keep your brain sticked to good things all day and you won’t get negative things in dream .
Your brain is rewiring this time and it takes time for it to get stable and focus .
You’re doing all good , just keep your nofap on . These things will automatically demolish as you go ahead .

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