I think fapping is giving me life

I dont know. But I think it is. After relapse not binging, you feel alive again. Though not as strong but you’re calm and dont have the struggle and heavy burden to fight all day the urge… what you guys think?

Im afraid this will stop me from seriously to do Nofap

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That is the case. The moment right after fapping you have a rush of hormones which can give you a clear mind and make you feel alive. That’s the case with every drug. But is that temporary kick worth the price you pay?

So, during nofap you will have withdrawal symptoms which make you believe that everything was better with fapping but once you are over them, you will see, that a completely new world is waiting for you. Clarity and joy will come back.
Don’t let yourself be fooled by the immediate pleasure


It takes a lot of courage to say this on a forum where everyone is against relapsing. Bravo brother.
But it is how our brain plays with us. I personally have those days where I make myself believe that fapping is the answer to all my stress and anxiety and after the relapse I do feel a bit more light headed and at peace. But can you see the pattern here? I didn’t address the fact that I was stressed at first place, the reason for my anxiety is still prevalent. That fake sense of clear headedness is not going to let me think about the solutions for my problems, I have just taken my mind away from all the problems.

Adding to that, prioritizing what’s important is the key, is the fighting taking a toll on your work? Is it not letting you focus? If relapsing is helping you to focus again then I would reckon a relapse. But it is not helpful in long term, I have experienced this phase myself, it just makes us lazy and demotivated in an extended period of time.


Thanks guys. Hopefully if anyone of you are married or have sexual relationship you can answer my other post. About does real sex put down the struggle to fight pmo

The brain is just playing tricks to get what you feed it and that’s high rush, that’s we are biologically developed to chase and work hard for to even feel it, well now Mr brain knows that you have shorts cuts and i mean very short cuts to get him what he is supposed to work hard for, soo after you pmo he is relaxed but that is not going to last is it?


Also, don’t worry. It is great that you are here. This is forum is the perfect place and you should definitely not leave. Also, don’t stop asking critical questions. They will bring new perspectives and thoughts to us old hands who have been here for a long time


From what I have learned in the whole past month while trying to find ways to defeat urges is that there are 2 sides of a persons brain, the conscious side and sub-conscious side. Although we cant directly control the sub-conscious it is the defining element of our will power and represents what we truly are. The conscious side on the other hand can be easily manipulated and it’s thoughts and motivations depend on the current situatios, that is what happening when you have an urge. Your body wants the kick of dopamine so the brain manipulates the conscious side and it seems that fapping is good for you or you feel that a little peek wont hurt and that kind of things, but if you have trained your sub-conscious to be strong and resist urges then it will intervene and show you the real side helping in resisting urges.
I have tried it and it works for me as I just achieved a 5 day streak(it may seem a small achivement but it is a very triumphant moment for me as I have not been able to have a streak more than 2 days for atleast an year)
The way I am training my subconscious is by writing my thoughts and daily experiences, just start a new topic in the diary section of the forums and write about your journey to no fap. Also spend alot of time on the forum and read other peoples diaries.
Another thing is that when you have an urge just open the forums and start reading, eventually something will motivate you and the urge will disappear.


I change my opinion. And I need to write this down. So it sticks in my head. And resolve the issue if any.

My day after relapse is terrible. Yes I feel energized is just because I take the urge call. So no fight. Calmer. But it doesn’t end. It still try to take you for another round. Gratefully I am conscious of the bad effects of binging. And throughout the day I had no energy to do anything. It needs A LOT of willpower to wake up or start doing anything. Then its all normal after that beginning. Also worth to note, I cant work alone. Not enough willpower to maintain focus and motivation. But socialising and working with friends take away all the fight from this demotivation.

Maybe it’s true when I was early in teenage years doing pmo. Thats when I got this idea. In college I binged hard. No regard about abstinence virtually though some tries here and there. Now hopefully this time will end all this