I think a relapsed on Twitter

Hi. How are you guys?

I started no fap just for curiosity (and perverted thoughts). But i realize that its realy hard!

I think a relapsed after week.

I have only Twitter (no any other social network) cause of work. But there was one very sexy girl (cause of work too suprisingly). I started slowly touch myself. Then I uncousciously start find some other hot girl on twitter. I dont believe how many girls is there. Continue
irregular gently touches.
But dont O! O only with my GF after. Sorry PMO masters, but O with my GF its nature for me, i think. Makes me sense.

So. I restart. What do you think?

I think some pixels abnormal beauty touch my brain.

So. Again. Better and stronger. :muscle: Be aware.

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Dont be hard on your self bro. It happens.

Its tough with social media or TV or advertisements on catalogues or on the street.

All triggers.

I think you identified your trigger which is good news so next time you will know not to do it.

Hang in there brother. One day at a time.

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Thanks man!

You are true - know about trigger is good point.

And on the other side - it was much better then before. Like when I was 15 without computer. No kind of hardcore P, if you understand.

OK, I will not be hard on me. But not simplyfied situation too.

Keep calm, be happy and enjoy new better version of me. Without shame and full of energy. :raised_hands:

This time I want to be better then before. :muscle:

Most i was sad cause of anull counter.

Doesnt matter. What is 7 days agains 14 years.

I was sick of Twitter recommending me tweets which I didn’t want to see. So I simply logged out of it and it is staying that way.

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