I tend to relapse after every 4-5 days

I am M 23 and my highest streak is 8 days only.
I used to fap almost everyday but now I once a week I want to stop completely but I can’t .So here’s the problem
After 4-5 days I get lazy tired and get restless even I do get proper sleep.
I do bodyweight workout 5 days a week and I think I get tired because if this but still I don’t get tired after relapsing for few days
And when I relapse I sleep almost 3-4 hours and back to square one.
This cycle is going on for almost a month (4 weeks) now I tried most of the thing but didn’t help me yet.
Also it’s I have not watched porn in any of the occasion.
Please help and suggest me what should I do to overcome this.

Let me guess: when you go to the body temple, do you give your all, push heavy and fight like a lion to progress again and again?

I think you take the same attitude with your desire to quit PMO.

Contrary to what you can see on this forum, NO PMO is not a story of Spartans war at all! It’s not FIGHT!

For me, NO PMO is above all about relearning to connect to your body and your mind, to learn to welcome what is presented and to let go. It is by listening to yourself that you can redirect your attention and energy.

Along with this, we see that the members of this forum who have the longest streaks are those who focus the more on building a lifestyle and changing their identity.

No longer see yourself as a fapper, but as a high performer!
Getting up early, having a hyper-productive morning routine: meditation, writing, reading, visualization, affirmation, stretching, sports, yoga, etc. And having advanced time management allowing to accomplish 2 to 3 more things in the day than what ordinary people do.

What changes have you implemented in your life since you started NO FAP?


Hey keep on going keep on trying never give up ik u can do it I was doing the same just every 2-3 days just keep going strong brother


I also tend to think about of shit I feel when I do relapse I would suggest finding a hobbie and every time u have that urge go do your hobbie and get your mind off of it but u got to go it don’t get soft on me hehehe no pun intended but get soft lol

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Bro I am also relapsing from 6 monts but when I get to see this community. I got to know I am not alone we all are with you.
(The best thing you can do is good things the second best is bad thing but the worst thing is nothing)
At least you are doing second best thing.
I pray to god that you will be able to get rid of this habits. Pray for me also😊
Best Wishes

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  1. Trust to keep urself busy with some work or the other
    If u dont have any work
    Learn some new language or a musical instrument
    Or read books on nofap
  2. Add yoga , pranayam and meditation in ur workout
    No matter what do all these along with your workout
    As these help in calming u and also helps in reducing urges
  3. Identify the reasons of ur relapse
    Porn may not always be the reason
    For me it was youtube
    And quora
    I would start with something small which was enough to make me relapse
    Identify the reasons for ur relapse and try eliminating it
  4. Believe in god and indulge urself in spiritual activities
    These activities bring positivity and help to improve ur confidence and will power
    Then wake up at 4 and meditate

We may not know how to meditate but we can learn from various apps and youtube channels

  1. Eat healthy food
  2. Dont always think like u r on nofap
    Just forget it and enjoy the life

We have such a beautiful life
Move around and enjoy it
Let’s not waste this beautiful life infapping😊
I hope I was able to help u

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Thanks brother for your advice I will break this streak this time for sure​:muscle::muscle:
Good luck to you too If u feel u want to talk I am here

Thanks for your Advice and Encouragement I will surely apply your advvice and try to control my urges.
I have been trying to improve my habit day by day so I think I will be able to overcome this hurdle.
Be strong and I hope u keep improving :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your wishes bro let’s overcome this cycle of pmo.
I wish you too to keep improving :slight_smile: