I take some breaks

Hello guys l am taking a break of these app for a month and week’s guys because l found something because which people make long streak like 200 , 300,1000 days one thing is common thay dont active this app too much :thinking: . But am not leave this app guys l am taking some leave for months or weeks. In between for months and week’s l check my account like my streaks and topics and my challenge tooo . Like after 5 or 7 day l. Make check my steaks my challenge too :sweat_smile:. Because l not leave take some break time weeek to weeks guys because l really focused on my thing. But in study challenge report 1 week check in @Ash_Matt brother.


Those people don’t check this app because they might be too busy and focussed on their work. The support from this forum is very much required in initial days.


They were once active in this forum , they got the idea of how they can deal with everything from here, if you have also got the idea then its up to you!


Yeah good, focussing on our goals is our main motive here.

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