I started nofap even these apps were not available

I remember from at about 9 years from today. I started but failed to continue after 14 days. After then I did try but failed and did those bad things. I was habit and this is about 16 years from now when first I introduced with porn. this is very painful after masturbation and orgasm and felt shame. I did all wrong things on those days. I started to follow another app ‘nofap’ but that didn’t help me more as that was only own user. I found this community and this can help I hope. I passed 5 days without PMO. My try has seen a good way. In sha Allah I will win this battle. At first stage I want to pass my first challange of 15 days , which I failed on 2012, I think I will win this and will win future goals.

After win this challange I will post here a long post. ‘In Sha Allah’


Assalamu alaikum brother

Welcome to the community

I hope you will graduate from this community with freedom from PMO l, in sha allah

Make the effort and Allah will surely guide you…

We can do this. We are stronger than our nafs.

Allah does not burden a soul more than it can bear.

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Let’s be companions,

My sharing code: l6ankk.

Iam also on 5days

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