I start today my journey today

I start today my challenge. I hope achieve some of my goals. First of all, I will practice mindfulness every day and do exercise.

Day 0. I feel bad


All the best for your journey bro @Kakarotojr :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:


@risinglion123 mate! Thanks for sending such a good positive message!
At least I promise to be honest with myself, and I will write about my journey, good and bad experiences.


Day 4.

I feel better.

I think that doing exercise every day is essential.

I will do my exam of IELTS in February. Tomorrow I will schedule some English lessons .

I would like to stand for my PhD next year.

I have interest as well of learning other new languages.


Day 5.

It has been a tough week—too much stress at work.

I return to home for doing exercise and resting.

I haven’t read almost anything, and I should.

I have had some urges of watching pxxx on the internet, and that moment is when I decided to write this message. The desire has gone for now.

Good night world

I was alone at home, and I relapse. I am not proud. I feel bad.