I Should Be Smarter Than This

I’m just depressed about this. I shouldn’t have this problem. I’m a brainiac and the smartest person in my classes. Why am I not smart enough to break out of this? Is anyone evn going to find me attractive now? Am I not going to be able to get married because I activated myself prematurely? I’m just very, very discouraged.


It ain’t the end of the world; take it one day at a time and work on yourself. What do you want to be 1 week or 3 months or a year from now. Work on that

Thanks, but I’ve been trying to fix this for a year and I haven’t made hardly any headway.

So does that mean you give up on your self because a year is not enough. If a year is not enough than try 2. I dont know about you but some of as so broken here its going to take more than a day or a week or a year. To get to where we wanna be.

Daily check in 2 at morning

Rational acceptance and realization with feelings are two different things.
Humans work with both. And it is not possible to overpower the instincts with rational thoughts alone sometimes. However, we can override one of the instincts with another one. It means that you have to change as a person. When both rationale and feelings meet at a common spot, it occurs to me that a human being is most emotionally stable then.

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Hm. That’s a really good point. Thank you for that.

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