I relapsed while scrolling through YT (facepalm)


So I failed today and relapsed badly.
What happened was I was scrolling through YouTube. I wasn’t watching anything bad at the time. There was this comment (some stuff about fetish) which made me look it up on YouTube. I went along with it and got drawn to a pornsite. My half-concious mind compelled me to watch it.

I read this post after relapsing:

Btw, any tips or opinions will be gladly appreciated.


Hey man. I see you relapsed. Don’t worry so much! Right now you need to make a plan how to overcome. Do you want it badly?do you really wish to overcome and if so what’s the purpose? Doing it for someone or something ? You have to ask these questions because it helps with your will power not to relapse.


Forrest Gump’s wise words : “Shit happens !”


I find it incredibly difficult to avoid or ignore click bait sometimes. But the reality of the situation is that you have to decide if you think you can stop giving in to click bait. If you can’t you should avoid YouTube all together. In the end how bad do you want to stop.


I agree, avoiding clickbait is necessary for recovery and if we continue watching it, we already relapsed.


We are what we repeatedly do greatness therefore isn’t an action but a habit. If we ever want to get better we have to start by getting rid of bad habits and replace them with positive ones like exercising , reading, meditation whatever a person finds helpful really.


Thanks for the tip! I’m gonna make a change today for myself, more exercising and less sitting down.

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My share code is 6d7a18, feel free to add me and we can talk whenever you want. I think that a network of people holding me accountable has helped alot. They keep me in check but also help me deal with issues. I’m also part of group chat on WhatsApp with a bunch of guys from rewire if you would like to join


If you are interested here is the link for the group on WhatsApp. https://chat.whatsapp.com/0xGeikBNKDn5YOYPTSzsp3

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42b6e6 is my sharing code. Btw good jobb on your streak :+1:

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Same here mate…I was browsing through some general stuff on YT…and it didn’t take time to move from the good to the bad and the ugly…our subconscious mind is at work…till the whole PMO pathway is not broken it will keep playing on…just be aware of this…the more you fire the more it will wire…

My code is b1b29f
Have been following you mate…

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Thanks alot man. I have had alot of help from friends

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What has happened, happened. Let’s focus on the next attempt. We are here to succeed and the first step is to admit the failures. Nowadays, triggers are everywhere. I am constantly staring at girls passing by me driving anywhere. But I have made a choice to look away consciously.


Glad to be on the same road with you. This journey will be tough but in the end is all that matters.

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I strongly agree with that. In my country, girls here wear shorts. And they seem rather fine with exposing their skin to the public, quite disturbing though