I relapsed again!


I promised myself yesterday , that I wouldn’t masturbate and I didn’t do it. But today when I was going to sleep, I had a fantasy…that of manipulating my imaginary wife into being a hotwife (something that’s been in my brain for a long time), it started of with me lying to myself that I would only fantasize, not masturbate. But…it happened. I really need motivation now.
Please help me. My mind controls me…it really does.


I’m not one to talk or give advise,
as I’m still working at this journey too.
But my humble and earnest advise is ;
this is a journey,
so please don’t dwell on unhelpful things and slow down as much as possible.

We are not just our minds ~
Our body still lives,
Our heart still beat,
Our hair still grows,
We breathe, we smell, we see.
Enjoy these blessings,
Enjoy all the simple things

Well done for being honest -
be kind to yourself and always seek God.

About triggers;
Simply make some mental notes,
ie; This thought… Or That thing is unhelpful

Please pray for those who struggle :pray:


Actually this type of fantasy arise when you watch porn from longtime and numb your receptor, so to get missed xcitement brain seek extreme stuff
If you don’t leave it now then I bet you will start to watch gay porn and further extreme stuff


I just relapsed a few hours ago myself after 29 days clean. We need to focus on the good and not the bad. Right now is the hardest and you need to be strongest when you’re at your lowest. It’s so easy to think, “well my streak is low right now so i’m going to do it a bunch before starting again.” Fight that with all your will. I challenge you to a nofap battle. We both relapsed and need help. Deal?