I relapsed after 26 days!

I joined here a couple of months ago, I couldn’t really keep a streak longer than 3-5 days.
I was out of control, porn, online chat with strangers anything.

Then one day I started filling my free time with other activities, mostly working extra hours.
And one day after the other, I don’t get any urges.
I thought it was weird at first but I like how it is going.

Then one day on the 23rd day I was watching a movie I didn’t know there was nudity in it.
The urges came back but I fought them.

This morning though, I relapsed
I didn’t watch porn, but I relapsed I count this as a false positive.

I can’t believe I let that happen though, I was finally feeling better about my relationships with people.
I wasn’t angry all the time, I had balance and work was going well.

Anyways, starting counting again at 0 days
This time I have more confidence that I can last longer (and develop better habits)


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