I relapsed after 225 days. Need some advice

I feel so sad now, drained, anxious, weak, my hands are trembling after my reset 30 hours ago: was just 1 MO of 30 seconds without porn. I feel so disappointed.
Can I keep my counter running if I relapsed? It depresses me so much seeing that 1. I feel all is lost now.


I’m no one to advise you because I haven’t reached a streak that high. I have a long way ahead of me. But I have observed some people follow this… They split their streak, so they’ll continue the streak and not reset the counter as a no porn streak and start a new no masturbation streak. Since you only masterbated, you can follow this. Continue your streak as a nopotn streak and start a new no- mo streak. All the best bro


Thanks for reply. :slight_smile: I’m confident now I will succeed again


To be honest, you can provide more insights that will be helpful to people like me who’s approaching that high streak. Like can you give a brief explanation as what tricks your mind played on you that made you slip? It can be quite valuable information to us. Plus what we can do to avoid it


It’s very hard, I know, but you need to watch out and analyse what makes you relapse in this way. I had a streak of almost four years and a few time ago I started relapsing only watching porn. It’s more than two years now that I’m having several relapses and the major causes are problems with self-esteem and discouragement in general. In my case I reset the streak because I really want to be completely free from all of this, but it’s up to you. Thank God masturbation it’s not a problem to me since I’m learning to deal with nightfalls but despite all of it I ALWAYS need to be careful with minimal things in my routine. Don’t feed up those bad thoughts and keep fighting, you just need to be more alert. Good luck with everything :pray:t3::raised_hands:t3:


Wow. Congrats :blush::blush:. I’m thinking of rebecoming Christian, after being an atheist since I was 17. Maybe with the help of God I will never have this problem again.


I did that high steak only with ambition and perseverance. No magic tricks maybe just meditation and autosuggestion ( positive affirmations before sleep “I’m strong. I can do it”.
I relapsed because I got too arrogant and let my guard off. PMO addiction is a very hard one because always when you are at home the danger is near you.

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Bad idea in my case. I want hardmode.

La religione mi ha aiutato tanto a non mollare.

That’s very good from my point of view. Unfortunately I cannot assure that you won’t relapse again (but it can happen), but surely you will deal better with it since you’re not fighting “alone”. Anything you can contact me :handshake:


English please . I dont speak Italian language. :blush:


Thank you so much, bro <3 I feel already slightly better. I’m happy I didnt binge at least. I feel in a few days I will be again very strong, and this time not arrogant, but more careful.

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What lead to relapse after such a long streak??

Stupidity :joy: I wanted to try tantra solo cultivation but couldnt resist more than 30 seconds and blew up.

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What is tantra solo cultivation??

Basically edging combined with meditation without any visual stimulation, just focusing on sensations.

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Oo… i didn’t heard or even thought about that.

Hey you did really well. Don’t be discouraged. I suggest you attend some SAL meetings on Zoom and over time find a sponsor to help you do the 12 steps of recovery. This will really help you. Check it out : https://sal12step.org/

How to deal with night falls ?? I guess because of addicting to masturbating for about 10 years,when I have started nofap for the first time back in August 2020,after crossing a month,my frequency of getting night falls manifolded. I was experiencing night falls on every 3 days ok average. It was very mentally draining experience for me,so I decided to break my streak of 48 days. After that,I struggled a lot to cross even 20 days. Now with strong willpower,I have successfully crossed over 35 days for the second time,now again as before,I am experiencing very nasty nocturnal emissions which is literally draining out of all the energy and motivation. Ok deciding to break this streak again if it doesn’t stop.

Please suggest me any solutions,I will do whatever it takes to get rid of nocturnal emissions.

Please help me to not to break my streak


225?? Wow… Firstly well done. Also now u know relapsing ain’t worth it. So the lesson is all that matters. Good luck

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