I relapsed?! 7/9/2022

I have been going through stress lately and I have been going through some situations that made me sad. Lemme tell you something about me, if I am sad, I relapse immediately, but I have been resisting for long, but it has accumulated and it led me to relapse…I am not sad or feeling guilty about it because I am learning from mistakes and how to avoid it. I am totally motivated to reset my counter and start again with strong basis and learn much better how to fight these struggles.
I wanted to share this with you guys just in case you feel worse after a relapse. DO NOT feel bad, relapse is part of recovery, so get back again, learn from your mistakes and fight.
Peace, warriors :heart_decoration:

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everything is fine, remember that PMO is not a way out of the situation. despite the fact that you experience stress due to some situations, you should not relapse.

Yes, I’ll work on that

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