I relapsed 5 times in the same day

Hi there… I wanna share something with you all!

3 Days Completed

Benefits seen : Insane amounts of energy, I always feel clean!

What can be improved: Finding as many ways as possible to fight urges

What lead to the relapse : I just slowly throughout the day convinced myself that I should just do it for no reason

I want to explain to all the people who are on days 1-10 and the urges are strong… Please GOD do NOT RELAPSE!!! PLEASE!!! Because here’s what happened to me… I relapsed yesterday… And after that I fell into a loop of images and videos and all kinds of terrible things… And by the end of the day, I had relapsed 5 times… Yeah… Five times in 1 day! And that was a pretty good day!!! Until later of course… But let me explain to you what happens when you do this… Your penis… Will be absolutely limp… And it will hurt and you will wish that it would just stop but you have to bear the pain for a while… You WILL NOT be able to sleep!!You will be tossing and turning all night… Waking up in the morning you will barely be able to get up and you feel like you can’t walk… I feel like I’m going to throw up right now… So please guys DONT RELAPSE!!!


Bro I relapsed recently… My previous strek was 5days and today after 6days I relapsed again… Bro my penis become so active and keep trying to ejaculate but I resist myself but at the end didn’t do it… Again starting from day 0… This time I will succed to keep this upto December 31st I promise… Now I gonna take some major steps to stop this…


If you knew these side effects of post masturbation sessions,why did you relapse,that too 5 times in single day :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:
Is it worth it ??

Once I had relapsed 3 times in single day,that was first time I did that,I felt like horrible,my brain was not working any more,I couldn’t think,all I wanted to do is toss myself in bed without sleeping


Same happened with we few weeks ago.
I managed to get a 3-4 days streak. I came home from my evening classes. Feeling good I was able to go 3 days clean, I relapsed. This was the highest days I was able to go in 2 years.
But guess what today is my 6th day of nofap, all credits to a challenge I joined here at forum.
Don’t give up. You will reach there one day


It happens brother, I have relapsed even 7 times a day. Yeah, 7, I know.
The aftermath is just maddening.


Dude Idek… Idk why I do anything anymore…

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I’m pretty sure you wanna just go somewhere and shout it all out…
The anguish, the sadness, the regret and other stuff.

Your mind must be spinning, am I correct?


Dude you’re reading my mind… For the past couple of days I’ve just wanted to go outside and let it out… I don’t want my neighbors to think I’m mental though lol…


I know this exact feeling cause we’re the same age, (me just some months older)
It happens with me too when I relapse more than 4 times a day…
As for the nieghbor part, I have no place within almost 5kms where no one would care if I shouted it all out…
I also know some conditions we have:

  1. Need a silent place
  2. No one shall be around
  3. No one would even care if they saw

@prothekter_aden Wait you’re 14?
Wdym some months older? How would you know that lol?

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@prothekter_aden LOL don’t just like the comment and be like hehe I know your age, your name, your social security number LOL that’s so creepy… Ok that’s a little over exaggerated but you get what I mean lol

I ain’t gonna do that :joy::joy:
Well, technically i just turned 15 recently so yeah

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Dang… I feel small now

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Well at least I know I’m not the only super young one here


There’s one more guy
@PowerfulNFPWarrior hes 14 too…


Danggg… No wonder I thought he was so :sunglasses: lol!!!

This is an old video I decided to upload

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i am 16. I see so there are people here even younger than me.

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@ChristianMan @prothekter_aden @PowerfulNFPWarrior @zitscx

Guys I’m very proud of you, like really huge respect for you

You motivate us alot

Young Strong Wise

Keep going
Good luck :crossed_fingers::slight_smile:


I’m on day 1. Just got this app and decided to really kick this with a Bible study. One thing I realized is that I have built up neurological pathways for about 15 years to seek something in porn. The addiction is wired into my brain and I have to realize I am fighting a network of neurological pathways in my brain I have built up through my behavior.

But victory is possible. And relapse doesn’t mean we are bad people. We are fighting something huge.