I relapsed 3 times after 7 day streak

I don’t know but im very angry after whatever I had done.
Iam born in a hell . There are many problems in my family .
Poverty and hunger is a part of my life. But im not that poor but born in a middle class indian family.
I want to quit masturbation . Every day of my relapse I feel anger or depression and couldn’t control it.
A simple incident that happened today: Our cat killed a squirrel today and I was in great anger so that I am acting a wierd way towards it. I liked that cat but iam trying to get rid of this cat , becoz it always causes me some kind of trouble.
Everyone in my house like to pet this cat but iam the only one always doing the most disgusting things.
It is me who is cleaning if it vomits under my bed , my stepmom wouldn’t do it, even thought she is the one who is more attatched with the cat.
It is me who burry whatever poor creature it kills , and even today iam the one who burried that squirrel. The cat won’t eat the squirrel , it just kill it and put it somewhere in the varanda or inside the house(hell).
Somehow the cat is here and I dont like it anymore.

Is it a wild cat that ur step mom like to keep or she bought it ?

Today i relapsed 3 times feel so bad

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It was born in our house and we all loved it but it always causing me trouble now a days . but I cant hurt it becoz it is like a family member.
Yes it is an ordinary wild cat.

Dont worry. This shall too pass . we will completely get rid of this addiction.

Thanks​:heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation: for reply

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Dont worry bro keep going dont get sad you can do this!!

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If porn is your problem then I can give you a solution… try installing Heroblocker from playstore and activate all settings and then try to enable prevent Uninstalling it enables for 1 day… try this… it might help

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No problem brother, im not that addicted to porn. It was just family issues and my relapse just increased my rage thats all. :man_shrugging: . Thanks for ur suggestion I will try when it is necessary.
I will control my anger and won’t ever relapse again.
This too shall pass :smiley:

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After a long streak, if you releapse once, you will releapse twice or more after it. Note that in your mind. It’s chaster effect, once you feel the pleasure after a longue and difficult streak you mind will claim his recompense to get this amount of dopamine again and again.
You will feel yourself mindless like a sklave. It over.
I give you an advice after relapsed 3 times. You can shut down your mind and start it again.
Start over the challenge and the whole community is with y


Ok , now I get what happened to me.

Yes I started again and today is Day1.:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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