I relapse but i know the reason need help

Whenever i am alone at home i always relapse no matter what the mental or physical state is even though i think i can control it can some one give me some practical advice

I wouldn’t call being alone a reason, rather a circumstance. What are the first things that come to your mind when you end up relapsing? Think on it close. That’s first step is recommend - identify the actual reason, the thoughts that are connected to being alone. Then you’ll need to think if you are unable to change these thoughts.

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i get thoughts of my previous relapse

Hey hi there,
I am having the same condition as you are in .
I would like to advice you to leave the home as soon as these kinds of thoughts come to your mind. Join a gym also. You will be fine. It is not a big issue dude, you can kill it


what if i cant leave?

i think meditation will help but i am unable to do it.

if you know this is a big issue for you you shoudl definetly follow @someBody13 advice and think about what the actuall reasoin is_> e.g. is it lonelyness , boredom, stress etc…
than you can think of thinks to actually adress those triggers/issues.
@Winner1915 `s advice is also great especially for the start of your streak until you find the triggers for the actual issue you can avoid it for a while this way however that is only a quickfix you need to look at the deeper issue.
how far are you with the easypeasy way mate?

also what might help is try to get 1 thing that you can always do when you get urges that might get you ot of the mood as in to some lunges or jumping jacks … there are alot of other “skills” to deal with overwhelming sensations out there google them xD

what works for me is when ever i get an urge i open my notepad and write atloeast one sentence abotu what iam currently feeling about that usually gets me thinking about how i might remedy the situation and gets em out of the urge.

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Do u relapse while watching porn or without porn?

with and mostly same videos

So next time you’re alone, dont even worry about relapsing, put your whole focus on not watching those videos again, or any xxx content. Try to experiment with yourself. Think what may work for you so that you can get out of that loop. Fist of all dont masturbate but if u cant control the urges, just dont do it while watching porn. Do it without watching anything, even a soft erotic image.
I have been in your place, whenever i got lone time in my house i used to get super duper excited about what kind of videos im gonna watch, or how much pleasure im gonna get out of it as nobody is home.
Just give it a try, amd observe what happens within you. Ask questions from yourself- what is difficult for you, 1- not to watch porn, or 2- not to masturbate. If its the first one, congrats, you just found out that if somehow u can avoid watching porn, u can avoid relapsing. And if you acn avoid relapsing, you can do wonders in your life.


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