I really need help

Hello guys am 19 year old.i started watching porn at the age of 13 by accident…I was going through my elder brother phone when I first saw porn, and instantly I became excited that every night I will wait for my brother to fall asleep so I can go back to my favorite porn and watch 30 min to 1 hr through the night…and this happened throughout my teen years to early 17. At age 17 I started using my personal phone and I became hooked and addicted to porn that I started watching 5 to 7 porn daily, and after some months masturbation came along, and this have really messed up my life…I came across Gabe deems video that was when I knew pmo was really a problem for me…I tried masturbating without porn even using fantasy but of no use, that was when I decided to start my nofab journey…My longest streak is 3 weeks and everytime I go back to my bad habit I really feel sad, angry and ashamed, and sometimes swear to GOD that I won’t pmo again that if I do he should end my life, but still d urge increases everyday…I have lots of motivational video just to keep my mind straight, but after a week or two, I will fall back to my bad habit…And now age 19 still pmoing, I really need help guys, even after knowing how bad it is and how it has ruined lots of people happiness and relationship I just can’t bring myself to stop…my last streak was 18days, I started another streak yesterday making it day 1…I really pray and hope I won’t pmo ever again


Everybody can do it…

1st step is Realization.
2nd step is Walking The Path.
On 3rd step … You receive your Gift.

The Gift is better than pmo.


I agree with Sahas 100% - anyone can do it. We can all break free of the addiction. You’ve made the right first step in seeking help. There’s so much we can learn from others. Look at success stories. Learn more about the addiction. Learn what strategies people have used to be free.

Here are some good tools to have in your journey to reaching 90 days PMO-free and beyond:

  1. The belief that it is possible for us to be clean and free forever. :100:
  2. The belief that we deserve this.:innocent:
  3. The psychological understanding of why we are addicted. If someone is addicted for years, the addiction has become a symptom of a larger problem. I believe someone with healthy self-esteem cannot remain an addict. :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_monocle:
  4. A firm commitment to success this time.:white_check_mark:
  5. A positive, inspirational vision of our lives after 90 days. Reflect on it daily. :sunrise_over_mountains:
  6. Five powerful reasons why we never want to relapse. Review regularly. :underage::underage::underage::underage::underage:
  7. Five powerful reasons why we want to remain free and clean. Review regularly. :free::free::free::free::free:
  8. At least 3 short term goals to work towards within the next 3 months - spiritual, personal, professional etc.:pray:t5::smiley::briefcase::books:
  9. The habit of not thinking lustful thoughts, and acknowledging and banishing them instantly. (Essential, this alone can save you most of the time.) :thinking::cold_sweat::exploding_head::grin::+1:t4:
  10. Regular exercise at least 4 days a week.:muscle:t4::running_man:t4:🙆🏽‍♂
  11. Daily prayer and/or meditation. :pray:t5::raised_hands:t4:🙆🏽‍♂ :person_in_lotus_position:t5:‍♂

Websites to help you break free :




You can do it. Just keep in mind that it will not be easy, ever. You have to fight for this win. You have to fight yourself. Your body wants one thing while your soul wants another. You have to realise how seperate those 2 are and when the temptation comes you have to fight your body. Say no, and bring your body under your control. Good luck friend.


Thanks guys it really mean alot

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