I Reach 40 days or I will pay 1500 rupees penalty

Yeah !!! Day 21+ Now we’re talking. Buddy do double shifts or ask your friend, better keep my money up Lol. I’ve gotta buy some stuff from Amazon. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What do u think rukes should be? it should surely be something risky so we will restrain from relapsing what do u think new challenger

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Sure bro !
Let’s take two things

  1. 1000/1500 money to friend
  2. Number of punches from friend on relapse will be directly proportional to number of day from start to the day we relaspe .

What do you guys think??
Or one of the above things
As friend decides

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Hey man. Where is my money ? You lost now you got to pay up. Haha. Or were you kidding when you said it ??


wait, did he lost? I knew that’s an easy Money. Where my money at @NEW_CHALLENGER
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Let’s get even stronger beyond this addiction. ! Let’s destroy our evil selves. :muscle:


Dudes leave him alone about the money. If he pays it he pays it. If he doesn’t then who cares? Y’all need to be supportive in his journey. @NEW_CHALLENGER I’m really sorry about your slip up, but this doesn’t mean you start over because 1 relapse doesn’t mean that. Keep going. You only tripped on a rock on the mountain of life, k? Keep fighting!


@NEW_CHALLENGER brother if you slips on journey that doesn’t mean your journey is over. You’re way stronger than the hurdles on the way. Just believe in yourself… Keep on doing something which changes your lifestyle a bit.

I have full faith on you you can do it. No worries what other people say do it for yourself. Challenging yourself is good but saying something which dont push you forward then its waste of time. Kindly use your time precisely.

#Always_Smiling and_Be_Awesome


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