I quited orgasm but I keep seeing hot pictures CS:89

This is dangerous? What is your opinion about it?


It is equivalent to having cigratte in your pocket and not smoking or having alcohol in your mouth but not drinking.
How long can you hold?


I can relate to you very much. I lost my highest streak of 69 days because of that. Tbh, I am not a P addict. I quitted it 2 years ago. But I still have a problem in viewing the pictures.

What @the_resilient_one said is the ideal explanation for this current scenario. I started peeking ( Not P just some pics ) on 50th day to reward myself and relapsed at 69th day. You have a very good streak now.

@thespatialcowboy Just forget the past and stop seeing those pics. Your mind may brainwash you like " You have already seen it , why not 1 more time like that ". Don’t fell into that trap.

There is an app called " Cold Turkey blocker " which can block searches based on specific word you entered there like hot etc .

Hope this helps.


Well pictures come under the category of static porn. They are also a type of supernormal stimulus that releases excess dopamine in our brains and as a natural defense mechanism our body shuts down some of the dopamine receptors and hence we are not able to sense minor surges in dopamine that usual activities release. In short you are still not able to enjoy your life to the fullest. There is no point in just quitting orgasms. The actual problem is porn then be it any kind, I would suggest leaving it entirely. Some people even treat this as a relapse. Any kind of porn is strictly prohibited if you want to actually reboot your brain to normal.


Stop doing it, you’ll develop some sexual dysfunction as your brain is getting desensitized. You should quit watching these pics but not quit orgasm (If you have a partner). Or else quit both if you are single.


Broke my 150 day streak😭

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@StrawHatLuffy You were on day 150?!?!?

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Yes on 26 sep my bd I was

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Actually when you see someone doing wrong and you don’t stop them. There’s a probability you’ll fall too. You can say it my situation.

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