I quit...zhjahshakaihs

Honestly I have been trying nofap since a year .and everytime I relapses then gets demotivated and starts fapping regularly.then months later I look at myself feeling like shit. I get some motivations from videos then I install this app with a new account ,pretending to be first timer and reach 90days 1000days on the first go.
I mean what’s the point of nofap when you know you are gonna fap sometime sooner or later.? I think I will just accept who I am and work on some other shit.
P.s. my highest streak was around 3 weeks and I can’t even remember that feeling of energy that I had that time

Well what’s the point nofap? My point for instance is that I want to have sex with someone I love and I share intimacy with. If I am going to binge on porn I won’t be able to do so. There wouldn’t be any desire or sensitivity. No closeness or honesty. Only isolation and numbness, suffering and despair.
I need to be clean and sober for it.
Don’t think of Nofap like something lifelong. It’s overwhelmingly unbearable mindstate. You are simply not strong enough. But you can abstain one day, right? One day is pretty attainable isn’t it?
Goat’s out.


Sorry for being a little harsh, but I would like to ask you some questions. What is the point of life if we all are going to die anyway? What is the point of eating if we are going to be hungry again? What is the point of climbing the hill if we are going to come down anyway?
This life is given to us and no one knows if we get a second chance or not, so isn’t it better to utilize the first chance that is given to you and live the life to the fullest. You have fapped for so many years, right. Isn’t it enough experience. Now you can try other things, good things in life. You fucked up, it’s done, now move on. Always remember this my friend, there is no victory in this life, all there is is your legacy. Do you want people to remember you with “hey that guy! He used to fap all the time, what a looser.” Or “hey that guy! He was a great friend, a great father,a true leader, a go getter, a life well lived.”
Choose wisely my friend.


@aapoorv75 That’s an harsh and honest opinion .I needed this thank you for making me realise. I am just fucked up and moody :tired_face:. I will try again.

You are right @Big_bad_goat , I too want a beautiful desireful sex .

You are living in Matrix world. Get back to Life :hugs: