I peeked and fantasized , should I consider it relapse?

So , I am on day 10. I realised that I did fatansized so many times in last 2 days as they were full of strong urges. I also peeked few times in these 10 days .
I don’t want self satisfaction. Please be rude on giving the answer.
Should I consider it a relapse and start strictly from day 0 again?
I should just punish myself for this like doing 10 pushups for each 5 mins or something else?


Sorry man @PaperBoat, don’t fool yourself… peeking = looking at sexual material = relapsing. I don’t know why this question gets asked so often… you feel it in your gut already. It’s not about the streak in days per se. Do you want to be the person that peeks? Do you want to be the person that doesn’t look at porn or other sexual material but constantly feels like he’s being deprived of something? Let it go. Porn is trash. Always has been and always will be. Don’t peek.

Take care.


Well , I didn’t look at porn neither I searched for it.
Actually , I watched some Girls pics and videos due to tv shows and Instagram(i had to install it for some work but I have uninstalled it).

But I will consider it as a relapse as u mentioned !
Thank you so much


Yes it’s a relapse … Peeking = relpase , whether its porn or not.


I wouldn’t consider fantasizing as a relapse, since we’re in a rewire process (you’re just starting), nonetheless, the peeking should be considered a relapse. Wishing you the best of luck!

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@Bashi @Dean_Ambrose @Damane Thanks for your help guys , I am considering it as a relapse and I am starting from day 0 again in my diary.