I now get it boys

I now get it. I now understand. You know when you are completely free of porn? When your brain is free from doubting things you do. When your brain sees the trap and stops you from falling in it. When your brain understands that sex is not as important as some other things like feeding your pets are. Sex is good, but it’s not important. What is important is your mind. Meditate. Listen to your favorite songs and don’t think about porn or sex. Think about how you achieve your dreams. How you share good things with others.
You’re free when your mind is. You might be still in chains, but if your brain is capable of peacefully analyzing stuff and understanding a lots of things compared to before - you’re free.

It’s all in mind! It’s all in mind! It is ALL IN MIND!
I guess a lots of you guys already understood it before and I’m the last one understanding it, but I’m just so happy to post this, man. Cause after these 96 days I feel really free! I have no fear. Cause why? What should I fear? Life is too short for fears and self-doubting. Fuck it! Be happy. Even if you relapse, take a look out of your window and be happy. See just positive. Don’t worry about others relapsing and failing. I know this sounds egoistic, but for real. What if tommorow bus hits you? You will die happy? You will die worried most likely, cause you relapsed recently and you didn’t feel so good in the morning. Cmon! I used to be fool. I’m still fool, you know, but just that happy one. Fuck what news say, fuck what he and she said. Look at the tree. See it grow, see it’s leaves. Smile, cause they are there and they make tree look good. Tree has no leaves you say? But tree is there, and they are about to appear once again. And smile cause you know that not every day is gray, not every days is black, and those days can be used in so many ways, but you chose to cry? Stop that, dude. Chill. You don’t even need weed. Just a clear mind, closed eyes and some good thoughts. Then just meditate. However, whenever. Just do it. Get your mind together, heal your brain and you’ll win brother.

My words now randomly drift to all the ways, but in the end they make sense. Like sky. It’s endless, it’s chaotic, but it’s one element that just makes this world what it is.

Peace, brothers, peace.


It really is man,

Glad to hear this progress brother :muscle:


Bragi… You won my heart today.


Thanks for that man. To read those thoughts that come from a clear mind was exactly what I needed. All the best