I need your suggestions for recovering guys

Guys, I did fapping on daily basis for last 15 years and I am 23. Apart from NoFap what should I do?
what should I eat to recover quick? I am taking milk, almonds on daily basis and eggs sometimes.
Any specific exercise?


Write a list of daily tasks & try to complete them.
Make a list of long term goals & work towards them.
Slowly & steadly wins the race.

Recovery can only happen with TIME
Eat a balanced diet.

Start morning walk for half an hour in green fields.

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Add walnuts, peanuts to yr diet


There is no fast recovery. It indeed takes time. When you are feeling weak. Stand up immediately change your mindset (learn to cook a meal youve never made, do 50 situps). Its difficult to do I know. But its what you gotta do.

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You can take zinc and vitamin C supplements. These are good precursors to increase testosterone and sperm production. Also you can try with nuts, oysters and fish that contain folic acid and omega 3 fatty acids.