I need your opinions, thoughts

Guys today is my Day 55 and half
And as I wrote 14 days ago…
As We continue NOFAP & NOPMO
And feeding Our brain with limitless DOPAMINE, he starts to PANIC, he is in some stage of healing and today he used very, very DIRTY, FILTHY tricks on me…

I was home after work and very, very TIRED.
So i take a NAP and slept (2 HOURS)
DURING this NAP i had a DREAM in this dream i was Masturbating and IT lead to WET DREAM. I didnt watch porn, didnt touch my pennis. I found PMO industry disgusting.
PLEASE hit thumb up :+1::+1::+1: if this wasnt a RELAPSE
And never EVER UNDERESTIMATE your brain and its DIRTY tricks.
Has anybody experienced anything similar?


First, congrats for your super streak!! Keep up!!
Second, I think it is not a relapse, because you did not want that. I know this as a natural thing. This is when your body needs that, it does for itself.
So cheers, I think it’s normal! :wink:

Question to someone in this topic:
Is it a problem, if I did not have wet dream after 60 days? In the past, I had some, but in this 60 days streak, I did not.
So? What do you think?


@jetstream98 Well done in reaching 55 days brother! Keep going strong!

No, the wet dream was most certainly not a relapse. You’re correct, this is another trick of the brain as it tries to get you to go back to pornography and masturbation. I have experienced this a few times myself in the past.

Read this post by @aapoorv75 All that you need to know about a wet dream

@kazmer1998 Great to hear you’ve made it 60 days! Stay strong brother!

Don’t worry at all about not having a wet dream. This is not a sign of anything wrong. There are many people in this community who would gladly never have another wet dream in their lives.


As I know, having a wet dream is my bodies normal way to “clean” itself. Not having it means it doesn’t have to?
And why did you say “gladly never had that”? Is it bad?

Slowly Slowly… over the years… There will be no trick left with the mind but to accept The Master.
Who is the Master ?
You are the Master each time you say No to temptations.

One day there will be no tricks and it will accept your sovergnity once & for all.
That means No wetdreams … actualy No Dreams at all but only The Reality.


I also had not a single wetdream in my previous 51 day streak and i can understand your feelings.

I think our body flush the thing in our urine.

The thing
I cant say it is the same semen which comes out when we fap. It is different. The thing is also different when we have a wet dream.

The thing is you should stop worrying about the wet dream if its happening or Not.

Continue pushing forward. Live in present moment. Survive Today. Make each day a good day.


Thank you sir! :grin: