I Need Your Help Guys


I Need Help Guys !
My longest strek ever is 25-30 days
My longest STREAK on NF is current one 11days
I have been addicted to this for 6years.
I had a girlfriend whom I left because sex chats with her promoted me to fap.
Still she comes regularly in my mind and dreams and makes me relapse or nightfall.
I am porn free.
I don’t usually fap on porn.
I want to get rid of my girlfriend’s dreams.
She comes in front of my eyes in her bra and I loose control.
Only she is the reason I am still addict.
Help me to get rid of this and nightfalls.


Only way for her to make into ur dream world is for her to be remembered by u in your fantasies


Whenever she comes to mind again think of you yourself eating fresh earth worms , that should help in disabling the thoughts of sex


I don’t remember her.
Neither I am breakup sick.
Naah !
She comes in thought.
If I think about sex even a bit.
She comes there.
I have saved her number because whenever she calls my dialler rejects it.
I go through WhatsApp a lot.
And see her dp.
Well this only thing that can make me remind of her.
Otherwise neither I was hurt with breakup or else.

Just pictures of her float in my mind whenever I go to bed and I am alone or prone to masturbation.

Otherwise I don’t even think of her ever.
If I got rid of her I will be stronger against fap monster.

During relationship I had maximum of 3 or 4 days of nofap.
After breakup intial days were same
3-4 or 5-6 .
But look at my streak it’s almost double.
12days streak will be unlocked in next 4 hours.

I had two nightfalls cause - HER PICTURES

(P.s. Don’t think of me as a cheater in relationship and that’s why I would have broke up.That was our mutual decision because it was getting boring to both of us.No connection in between us.It was a shitty nonsense school time relationship.)


You know it deep down in you it was not a genuine love relationship. There was only lust behind all that. You have to somehow rise above these lusty thoughts.
Quickly snap away from these thoughts. Just say to yourself i will relapse if i keep wondering over these thoughts. Have faith in yourself defeating your thoughts and take back the control over your mind.
Clearly your mind is playing its tricks on you.
Break the old pattern. It is the only way to Rewire your brain. Everytime you win over your thoughts, you raise your self confidence


Bro !
They cause nightfalls
They don’t bother me in my conciousness.
I have conquered them in my conciousness.
That’s why my streak is 11 days now.
I want a cure for them in unconsciousness,in my sleep.
They caused 2 nightfalls in these 11days.

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It is believed that dreams are caused by our thoughts. I agree with @anon66785751 with this. The way I’m understanding this is that you created a bond in your mind with this girl and sex. You need to break it. aneeque444’s suggestion is a good one. Point is STOP THINKING OF HER AS SEX! Find other things to fill your mind

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No I don’t think of her as sex.
I don’t even think about her.
It’s just I had a intimate past with her which reccurs in mind.

Aneequee’s suggestion is good.I used it when I am about to relapse or edge.
But I can’t control my unconscious mind.


I am tagging you in my wetdream comment.


@anon66785751 Bro ! What ??


Hey man, you got this. That intimate relationship could have triggered a sexual bond in your head though. Still try and fill your head with other stuff


Didnt you recieved the notification on that Tag.
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